As long as human desire causes blood and tears to flow, I will always reappear.
~ The Black Ghost Leader in Cyborg 009: Monster Wars

The Black Ghost Leader is the main antagonist of the 1966 Cyborg 009 movie and its 1967 sequel, Cyborg 009: Monster Wars. It is a mysterious entity that leads the Black Ghost organization and appears as a brain in a machine.

The Leader seeks to start another World War so it can grow stronger from the destruction caused.


Cyborg 009 (1966)

The Black Ghost Leader revealed itself to the 00 Cyborgs after they cornered the person who they thought was "the boss of Black Ghost". The Leader introduced itself as the embodiment of human evil and executed its subordinate for his failure, as well as claiming that it was responsible for the first and second World Wars.

009 quickly shot it with his Super Pistol, but before perishing, the Leader set the base to explode. However, the 00 Cyborgs managed to escape just in time.

Cyborg 009: Monster Wars

The Black Ghost Leader reappeared in the sequel, taking up a large bird-statue form reminiscent of the Demon Statue.

The Black Ghost Leader had a robot disguised as a dinosaur carry out attacks the world using ultra-sonic waves. It also arranged for Cyborg 0010 / Helena to fall into the hands of the 00 Cyborgs so she could spy on them and disrupt their attempts to stop Black Ghost.

Black Ghost Leader - 1967 2

The Black Ghost Leader confirms his identity

While the Leader succeeded in capturing Cyborgs 001 to 008 and (seemingly) killing 009, Helen turned against him, having been saved from dying by 009. The Leader attempted to execute her, but she was saved again by 009, who had disguised himself as one of the Leader's Cyborgmen. The Leader revealed to 009 that it was the same entity he had confronted before, and summoned the giant robot Achilles to deal with him. However, 009 managed to defeat the robot (with help from Helen) by shooting its legs and causing it to fall apart.

The Black Ghost Leader then zapped Helena and had his Cyborgmen shoot at her, but they were unable to stop her from freeing the other 00 Cyborgs before dying. The 00 Cyborgs then fight against the Leader's Cyborgmen army while 005 and 009 destroy Black Ghost's entire arsenal of weapons. The Leader then mysteriously disappears, activating the earthquake device below his volcano base before vowing to return one day. The 00 Cyborgs then pay their respects to Helena and head out of the base, managing to escape before they can be consumed by lava.