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The Black Gorlin is a Gorlin used by Captain Chevalier as his personal mecha and an antagonist in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. Unlike regular Gorlins, the Black Gorlin does not fight by absorbing a defeated Galactic Warriors and instead has a number of modifications to give it its own arsenal of weapons.


The Black Gorlin was first summoned by Captain Chevalier to fight the Fivemen in Five Robo alongside the giant Kaniarigin. After Kaniarigin was destroyed, Chevalier took his leave with the Black Gorlin, satisfied that he had fought the Fivemen for the day.

The Black Garoan was summoned by Chevalier again during his attempt to kill all five Fivemen so their blood could be used to enable Vulgyre to ascend to his Galactic Super Beast form. While Chevalier dueled FiveRed, the Black Gorlin battled the other four Fivemen in Five Robo. It was eventually destroyed by the Fivemen with help from Arthur, enabling the four siblings to and help their big brother against Chevalier and the Galaxy Sentai Gingamen.


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