The Black Hair Mask is the third of Black Cross General Sun Halo Mask's Masked Monsters.

He is voiced by Toku Nishio who previously voiced a Gold Mask, a Boat Ear Mask and later voiced a Wire Mask, a Pirate Mask, a Crab Monger, a Mechanic Monger, a Boxer Monger, a Fighter Monger, a Bird Mozoo, a Mantis Mozoo, a Cat Mozoo, a Moth Mozoo, an Angler Mozoo, a Coelacanth Mozoo, a Peacock Mozoo, a Chameleon Mozoo, a Watermelon Mozoo, a Tengu Mozoo, a Rattlesnake Mozoo, a Tiger Mozoo, a Crocodile Mozoo, a Rhino Mozoo, a Silkworm Mozoo, a Tanuki Mozoo, a Giant Tortoise Mozoo, a Bear Mozoo, a Crab Evo, a Bat Evo, a Sponge Evo, a Butterfly Evo, an Octopus Evo, a Gecko Evo, a Dinosaur Evo, a Crocodile Evo, an Electric Eel, an Armor Rose, a Drill Horse, a Rocket Tiger, a Jet Flying Squirrel, Gomu, Rogan, Dolon, a Poisonous Gas Brain, a Pig Brain, a Dango Bōma, an Oni Bōma, a Reaper Bōma, Todorugin, Kaijurugin, Sazaemajirogin, a Voice Dimension, an Ant Bazooka, a Laser Lizard, a Meteor BEM, Dora Circe, Dora Boogaranan, Dora Ganrock, Dora Titan, Master Mirror and Bara Vacuum.


The Black Hair Mask made his first appearance at a nearby lake when he sneaked attack Kenji. Both Kenji and Peggy try to catch on this plan, but the Black Hair Mask is used as a diversion while the Sun Halo Mask tests the drug on a reservoir drying up all the water within.

A while later the Black Hair Mask is back at HQ where he report his findings to his general and he that they need to set a trap up if they want to defeat the Gorenger. Also he did informed to his leader that the Zolders has already made contact to Eagle base as they speak.

Upon further investigation by Yoko aka 007, the trio discover the duo making a base at the abandoned Oyama Amusement Park, which they investigate and become trapped within, ultimately sealed within a Ferris wheel car before breaking open the windows and using their Birdies to fly themselves and Yoko to an awaiting Variblune.

As Sun Halo Mask and Black Hair Mask attempt escape, the other three Gorengers catch up and face them until Midorenger and Momorenger arrive. As this goes on the Sun Halo Mask left the Black Hair Mask behind to keep the remaining Gorengers occupied while he proceeds to the reservoir to dump the drug in it. A while later the Black Hair Mask somehow manages to catch up to his general as they were about to dump the Z 20 into the reservoir, but Akarenger knocks the canister back and Aorenger destroys it with his bow and arrow.

Once the Midorenger and Momorenger arrived the Black Hair Mask faced them off and as for the Sun Halo Mask he abandoned him as he escapes for another plot. However when the used their finisher called Gorenger Storm to destroy the Black Hair Mask he manage to destroy the ball with one of his teeth missile which surprising belongs to the comb that he wields. So when Kenji catches on to their ease of removal (after removing one earlier), he throws his Midomerang at the comb removing all remaining teeth and thus revealing Black Hair Mask's ultimate weakness: that he can't live if his comb has no teeth upon it. With his staff suddenly empty of teeth, Black Hair Mask merely falls to his death.


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