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Villain Overview

Hello, villains! Black Hat here with more goods you need to destroy the heroes in your life!
~ Black Hat

Black Hat is the main antagonist of the Cartoon Network multiverse, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Adventure Time and Regular Show, the overarching antagonist of Victor and Valentino, and the main protagonist villain of the web series Villainous and its animated series.

He is an immensely powerful supervillain who makes a living by selling weapons, traps, and other devices to other villains of the series and the Cartoon Network multiverse, as well as the boss of Dr. Flug Slys, Demencia and 5.0.5. Black Hat is portrayed as a cruel, sadistic and narcissistic fiend who does his part to make the world a little viler and its heroes a little more dead.

He was voiced by the series' creator Alan Ituriel in both the original Spanish dub and the English dub.


Black Hat playing his organ.

So far, Black Hat has been shown wearing only his formal attire, if the show progresses he might be shown wearing something else. He wears a black trench coat reaching down near the ankles, the collar of which is popped.

Under that, he wears a red and gray undershirt, along with long gray pants as well as black and white dress shoes. He wears his iconic black top hat with a red band going around the bottom, and dark gray gloves and a black tie.

Black Hat appears to have dark gray skin. His sharp teeth are pale green, and his left eye is covered by what looks like a monocle.


Black Hat's past is fully unknown. Although not confirmed, it's implied that he's been evil his entire life.

He first appears in the 1-minute web videos where he would advertise his weapons for villains to buy.

Black Hat makes his first official appearance in the series in the pilot episode "The Dreadful Dawn". In the episode, he is contacted by a villain named Penumbra to deal with a superhero name Sunblast from Atreno City, who has a long history of foiling her plans to obstruct the sun, due to her skin having a condition of burning her every time she goes directly under the sun. After being contacted, Black Hat sends Flug, Demecia and 5.0.5. to deal with Sunblast.

Later on, after the trio is defeated by Sunblast, they find out Sunblast is heading back to the manor to confront Penumbra. When they attempt to fly back, Black Hat contacts Flug and, noticing the trio heading back, asks if he had completed his task of defeating Sunblast. Flug, out of fear, lies by stating that they have defeated Sunblast and will even present him defeated at the manor, much to Black Hat and Penumbra's delight.

Later, after the trio shrinks Sunblast and defeat him, Black Hat then appears with Penumbra, having witnessed the event. Later in his office, Penumbra thanks him for his service and, as a way of payment, Black Hat has Penumbra sign a soul contract to him and then tells Penumbra to leave.

After doing so, he calls the trio's performance "mediocre", much to Flug's dissatisfaction, and proceeds to angrily berate the trio for bringing a hero to his manor, while at the same time turning into a giant monster.


Black Hat in one of his sinister plans.

Black Hat is known for being an extremely pompous and manipulative individual. He is a cruel, callous and outright narcissistic man who takes pleasure in the misery of others, as well as constantly abuses his minion Dr. Flug both physically and verbally.

Black Hat is also shown to be a quite sly, sinister and intimidating man, as he likes to scare people, including scaring both Demencia and 5.0.5 in a couple of the shorts. He has no (if not, very few) redeeming or anti-villainous qualities whatsoever and is completely evil through and through.

Speaking of pompous, if what he did to Vilgax (whom was turned into a blobbish mutation of he and Black Hat, the latter of which immediately ate the Vilgax half from Dr. Flug's custom made of Omnitrix) and his scale of villainous chart labeling the high villain level as "Almost Black Hat" is any indication, then he is so self-important, as he refuses to believe in villains eviler than him, and will not allow anyone shapeshifting into him whatsoever.

However, despite his horrific actions, it's revealed in the pilot that, despite the horrible way he treats them, he actually has the decency to let Flug, 5.0.5 and Demencia live with him, as he stated that his office is also his house. Also, it should be noted that Flug's room is comfortable looking and in good shape. This shows that Black Hat is not completely cruel.

Also, while he rarely admits it, he seems to enjoy Flug's inventions, as he outwardly stated that he likes Flug's shrink ray (although he calls Flug an "idiot" while saying so, probably due to Flug asking if he likes it). Another thing to add is that, even when they screw up, he has yet to kill Flug and the others, although he probably only needs them for "lackey work".

Powers and Abilities

From what has been seen of him, Black Hat has proven to be an immensely powerful villain with a myriad of dark powers at his disposal. He can be considered nigh-omnipotent as a result of his great power, although he isn't all powerful because he can have a secret weakness, so far Black Hat has shown to be capable of the following:

  • Shapeshifting: On various occasions, Black Hat changes his appearance in order to fool/torment others, the most notable example of this being when he changed himself into a perfect replica of 5.0.5 in order to trick and terrify Demencia.
  • Size Manipulation: Likely as another form of his shapeshifting, Black Hat can change the size of his body to that of a giant, although he has only been shown using this ability once.
  • Laser Vision: Black Hat once killed a Blue-jay by shooting deadly lasers out of his eyes.
  • Dark Magic: Black Hat is shown to use dark magic, such as conjuring an ice cream, turning it into a monster, or restoring a broken precious egg.
  • Charisma/Manipulation: Black Hat, as a salesman, uses various forms of charisma and manipulation to convince other villains to buy his inventions.
  • Black Hat and Dr. Flug.

    Portal Creation: Black Hat seems to be able to open portals (possibly to the underworld, as shown by the ghosts coming out of the portal he opened), as shown in the fourth episode "Squeak" when he scratches 5.0.5.'s blackboard.
  • Telekinetic Choke: In the Villainous Orientation video "The Missing Files of Elmore", Black Hat uses an ability like the force from Star Wars to choke Dr. Flug.
  • Shadow Teleportation: Also in the AWOG Villainous Orientation video, Black Hat is shown to be able to teleport by dissolving himself into a shadowy mist.
  • Superhuman Strength: Black Hat's physical strength is enough to kick Flug so he could fly over the fence.
  • Essokinesis: As a supernatural being, Black Hat can warp reality itself, like moving into a picture, or distorting his own mirror reflection. In "The Dreadful Dawn" he teleported Flug to his room in an extremely painful way.
  • Pyrokinesis: Black Hat can ignite and start fire when he gets angry.
  • Acid Vomit: In one comic book, Black Hat vomited on 5.0.5.'s face, burning his face after seeing his picture. Also, as he mentioned in "The Lost Cases of Ooo", he accidentally killed one of his previous henchmen by vomiting on his face.


Hello my villainous viewers! It is I, Black Hat! Here once again to provide you with the latest items to destroy all the goody-goody two-shoes in your life.
~ Black Hat introduces his newest inventions.
This is Black Hat! Here to make your most wicked thoughts come to life! Literally!
~ Black Hat introducing the evil imagination device.
This sandwich is the most evil thing you could think of!?
~ Black Hat disappointed with Dr. Flug's idea of Evil.
It works! The most evil thing I could think of was me, and here I am.(Other Black Hat:Hello dear sir!)
~ Black Hat seeing Dr. Flug's invention work, and start narcissisting his idea of evil-himself.
~ Hat (both original and evil idealization), order Demencia to get out Dr. Flug's laboratory while the latter attempting use one of the inventions.
Greetings! This is Black Hat, here to introduce the latest buy it, OR ELSE, in my catalogue! The Medusa Device! This malevolent machine can create an imposing statue of the most important thing in your life: you!
~ Black Hat
Welcome horrid creatures! Are your henchmen so tired their natural clumsiness has increased tenfold? Do they dare to ask for vacations? Well, you're in luck! For the first time ever you can send them to… The Black Hat Resort for unhelpful henchmen! Our highly trained staff is here to cater to their every need! They'll take in the view from our high-class hotel rooms! They'll enjoy our thrilling rides! They'll relax in the spa with a gentle back massage! They'll enjoy among thousands of guests! In Black Hat's Resort, we guarantee… They'll never want to leave!
~ Black Hat introduces his new resort.
AH! Keep those dirty cookies out of my evil face! What is my diagnosis, Doctor? (Dr. Flug: Well, I've investigated many things about this 'evil flu', but there doesn't seem to be a cure, sir. And I don't know what to do.) There's no cure? Wait a minute… if we're talking about the 'evil flu', then that means it thinks evil thoughts… So, the only way to get rid of an evil flu, is by passing it to someone else!
~ Black Hat
Do you remember how many ants you've stepped on?
~ Black Hat when asked how many heroes he has defeated.


  • His appearance bears some similarities to that of Count Bleck, a villain from the game Super Paper Mario.
  • His old design featured a question mark on his hat, similar to The Riddler.
  • The reason why Black Hat is always mad is because Cartoon Network villains can't defeat Cartoon Network heroes and also because his minions are always incompetent. However, Black Hat is the only Cartoon Network villain that never faced a hero.
  • In one short, Black Hat uses his heat vision to kill a Blue-jay that was annoying him. As pointed out by many fans, said Blue-jay was an obvious reference to Mordecai from the fellow Cartoon Network series Regular Show.
  • Black Hat's address is Hatsville, Hat Island, Hat Ave., Manor #333.
  • As stated by Alan Ituriel (the creator of the series), not only does Black Hat play the pipe organ, but he also plays the violin with the strings being made of cat's intestines.
  • Black Hat is stated to be 2.03 meters, or 6 ft (6.6 in) tall.
  • Any mortal who pronounces his real name out will die immediately.
  • Black Hat makes a cameo in the OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes episode "Crossover Nexus", as one of the many Cartoon Network heroes who was defeated and petrified by Strike. Strangely, unlike Strike's other victims, Black Hat is not a hero at all, making it questionable as to why he was summoned and defeated by him. It's later revealed in the Q&A that such Black Hat was his clone.


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