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Evil is our business and our business is good.
~ Black Hat Organization's slogan.
Who helps a villain in need? Black Hat organization! We have helped many, many, MANY villains over the years. Everytime something bad happens Black Hat Organization is there!
~ Dr. Flug Slys on Black Hat Organization.
How strange it sounded like an evil and omnipotent organization that controls all evil and which mom used to be a part of.
~ Gumball Watterson after (unconsciously) calling Black Hat Organization.

Black Hat Organization is a secret evil organization from the Cartoon Network web series Villainous and its TV series which gets its name because it was founded by Black Hat. It is the biggest and most powerful villain's network corporation of the Cartoon Network multiverse. It dedicates itself to sell products and services to help villains across the already mentioned multiverse to achieve their goals from building empires to simply having new decorations.


While it's exact origins are unknown, only known that Black Hat was the founder of the organization, because conquering the world himself like the many he had conquered/destroyed already seemed too easy and boring. He started in a small installation in a crime alley. Over time it has helped countless villains and made nearly all evil organizations within the Cartoon Network multiverse (including Cartoon Network itself) one of its subsidiaries.


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