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Black Hayato, known in-game as B. Hayato, is a villain from Capcom's 3d fighting game, Star Gladiator, who first appeared in its sequel, Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein, known as Star Gladiator II in Japan. He is an evil version of the main character of the series, Hayato Kanzaki.

Appearance and Personality

Black Hayato has green hair, a metal eyepatch on his right eye and, to set himself apart from the original Hayato, he wears a metal suit which covers the top of his body. Although he still wears the same pants and shoes Hayato wore during the first game.

In contrast with the original Hayato, who was a bounty hunter with a strong sense of justice, willing to protect his comrades to the end and help his orphanage in any way he could, Black Hayato has an incredibly cruel and ruthless personality with an emotionless expression and is willing to annihilate those who dare stand in his way.

He still fights using a Plasma Sword in battle. However, unlike his counterpart, he's unable to further exploit the limits of his Plasma Power for as long as the consciousness of the original Hayato remains on his body.

Role in Plasma Sword

During the last battle against Bilstein, he was capable of secretly implanting a "Genotype" microchip, which, eventually, began to slowly corrupt Hayato and transformed him into B. Hayato. This transformation was, however, incomplete, as he noted the remains of the real Hayato desperately trying to fight back. Due to continuing to grow weak, he decided to embark on a journey to find a way to keep his current body under control.

Despite being evil, B. Hayato still bears a hatred for Bilstein for what he did to him and started killing everyone on his path as he searched for Bilstein's whereabouts.

In his own ending, after finally having had his revenge fulfilled, June Lin Milliam, who was Hayato's girlfriend, tried to stop him and return him to normal. After immediately spotting her, the evil swordsman attempted to kill her, but the last bit of Hayato's consciousness managed to stop him.

Knowing he would never be free from the chains that bound him, B. Hayato decided to cut ties with the original Hayato once and for all, by fighting a mental battle against him.

After finally succeeding in bringing down his double, he will no longer feel the microchip, which means its effects are permanent and the real Hayato had finally been wiped out of existence.


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