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Captain Black Jack is a modern-day pirate, who took advantage of the nations were at war to plunder ships.

In his first appearance Black Jack and his gang stole a yacht full of passengers and threw the ship's captain at sea, luckily he is saved by Aquaman, who quickly defeated the Black Jack 's gang and returns the command of the yacht and that was stolen the captain. But trying to catch the villain, Aquaman is surprised by a gas pump, knocking him unconscious.

Soon Aquaman is tied to a beam in an unusual twist, Black Jack him join his band of pirates, of course he refuses to answer such a thing and the men of Black Jack put an anchor around his neck and throws him into the sea, Aquaman is released in time to catch the torpedo launched by Balck jack, to destroy the yacht and redirects to your ship, that explodes. Black Jack is presumed dead.

Black Jack Returns

Some time it is shown that Black Jack survived and is now leader of a tribe in a remote island, but with their greed for money. Then he ordered his subjects, who unearthing treasures of the seabed, but one of his subjects drowns and is rescued by Aquaman, who turns out to discover their plans. Aquaman ends with Black Jack's plans, but not before facing the shark devil, the protector of the island.

Later Black Jack kidnaps the daughter of a senator in exchange for money and is again defeated by Aquaman, Black Jack is arrested and never seen again.



  • The Nemesis (his ship).


  • Two guns and a sword.
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