Ooh, free at last! I'm chock-full of power! I think I'll turn all this greedy sap's jewels into evil spirits! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!
~ Black Jewel upon being reawakened.

The Black Jewel is a sentient jewel that Wario collected prior to the events of the game Wario World, where it serves as the main antagonist and final boss of the game.


In the game's intro, it explains that the Black Jewel fed on the wishes of people turning their desires into power and gave birth to many evil spirits. However, the Spritelings were able to overpower it in their ruins. Many years later, Wario stole it, not knowing about the dreadful powers it held.

The Black Jewel manages to escape its chest, destroying Wario's castle and turning most of Wario's treasures into monsters and scatters the rest. Wario falls and lands in what has become of his castle; a strange hub-world with eight levels attached to it. Wario must beat these levels and their bosses in order to acquire the massive treasure key that will open the Evil Black Jewel's treasure chest.

The Evil Black Jewel has three attacks, where it shoots lasers from its eyes to make a wall of fire. If Wario is trapped between two firewalls, the Black Jewel will produce shockwaves which Wario must jump over. The Black Jewel will dodge all of Wario's attacks if he tries to hit it.

To defeat the Black Jewel, Wario must free the 5 Spritelings on the battlefield, which will knock the jewel unconscious. Wario must use any one of his attacks on it (the jewel is extremely weak; even a soft throw will deplete its HP). The Evil Black Jewel has 8 HP. Once this HP has been depleted, the jewel will let out a piercing scream before exploding into millions of pieces.

After the battle, the Spritelings thank Wario for his efforts, saying the Black Jewel is smashed to powder, confirming it is destroyed once and for all.


  • The final boss in the Japanese version of Wario World is way different than the other versions to the fight as instead of 5 Spritelings, the player has to free 10 Spritelings, and after half of its health is down, the Black Jewel will go on a second phase were it will shoot out coins to make a flame circle and jump towards Wario, producing a shockwave after it lands. Wario has to punch it enough times then do a mad move on it to finish off the Black Jewel.
  • The Black Jewel was mentioned by Wario in Fortune Street.
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