The Black King is the main antagonist and the leader of the Black Army in the fantasy videogame series Chain Chronicle.

He was voiced by David Wald.


The Black King wished to rule the continent of Yggdra. He and his Black Army declared war on the Holy King and was successful as the Black King killed him and overthrew his kingdom.

As soon as the Black King took over the throne, the hero and protagonist of the series, Yuri, opposed the Black King as he formed the Volunteer to wage war with his Black Army. Yuri attempted to fight the Black King, but was defeated by him in the end as the Black was barely harmed by his attacks and threw him aside as he was unconscious. The Black King then walked towards his daughter, Phoena, who Yuri was trying to protect her from him. The Black King insisted Phoena to join him and end the war together, but Phoena refused, forcing her father to hit her. He then grabbed the Elf Sprite, Pirika, and tried to crush her in his hand.

However, he was shot by Juliana who threatened the Black King that he will pay with his life for the death of her father, revealing her as his daughter of the Holy King. She and the Volunteer Army were about to attack him until the Black King used his magic to summon his Black Soldiers to occupy them as he walked over to Phoena who had the Chain Chronicle book in her hands. Yuri charged at him with his sword, but the Black King striked him with his black magic, injurying Yuri. As he demanded Phoena to hand over the book, it began to glow as it floated in mid air. Phoena and the Black King nabbed the book at the same time, tearing it into two. As the light cleared, Pirika disappeared from the Black King's hand.

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