The Black Knight

The Black Knight is a character in the fantasy anime show Chain Chronicle. He is one of the Black King's closest underlings and the dark version of the protagonist Yuri.

He was voiced by Ricco Fajardo.


The Black Knight was once Yuri from another dimension or the future who faced the same problem with the Black King who tried to take over the kingdom. However, in his universe, his friends Pirika and Phoena died and Yuri turned to the dark side.

The Black Knight debuted before Yuri in his mind as he tells him he will never defeat the Black King and that everything will fall into darkness.

The Black Knight later appeared before Yuri again in the series after Yuri was seperated from his unit and was wondering at the Snow Terrains. He tries to convince Yuri again as he tells him the reason for him failing to save the world is because Yuri is the hero who has no one to save as he is expected to save everyone. Yuri draws out his sword and fights his dark self, but the Black Knight shortly overcomes Yuri and is about to finish him until Aram appears and uses his Guardians Dragon's Sword emitting light, causing the Black Knight to disappear.


The Black Knight is tall and has long blonde hair. He wears black armor all over his body, making him look like a demon. His helmet appears to have four red eyes and horns on top. He also takes the form of Yuri, except he has a darker body.

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