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The Black Knight is a minor antagonist in Family Guy, only appearing in the episode "Mr. Saturday Knight". He is an evil knight in ebony armor, who works at Quahog's Ye Olde Renaissance Faire. He got into a joust with Peter Griffin, after assuming he was trying to steal his wife Lois.

He was voiced by Will Ferrell, who also portrayed Jacobim Mugatu in Zoolander and Zoolander 2, Lord Business in The LEGO Movie, Cam Brady in The Campaign, Franz Liebkind in The Producers, the title character in Megamind and Larry the Architect in the MTV Movie Awards parody of The Matrix Reloaded.


In "Death Has a Shadow", Peter Griffin spent lots of money installing a moat around the house. Lois Griffin saw this as a superfluous purchase but Peter said that it was important for keeping The Black Knight at bay. The Black Knight was shown on his horse, trying to circumvent the moat to invade the house but to no avail.

In "Mr. Saturday Knight", Peter retold the story of how back in the 70's, his life was saved by The Black Knight, who caught him after he got high on ecstasy and jumped off a castle. The Black Knight scolded him for doing drugs and warned him never to jump off buildings again because he might not be so lucky as to have someone like him around next time. From that point on, Peter was forever grateful to The Black Knight and idolized him like a hero.

In present day, Peter went to Ye Olde Renaissance Fair to get a job as a knight, himself. There, he saw The Black Knight once again and tried to talk to him, to thank him for saving his life and being such an inspiration to him all these years. The Black Knight didn't remember who he was and just got annoyed with Peter and all his questions. Peter was disappointed that his hero didn't want to talk to him but he understood that he was probably just prying and decided to give him some space.

Peter was having lunch with the other knights, when The Black Knight's girlfriend, Maid Madeline, started hitting on him. Peter didn't respond to any of her advances but The Black Knight saw what was going on and assumed the worst of Peter. The Black Knight came up to the table and slammed Peter down and demanded that he leave the kingdom for stealing his maiden and threatened to kill him if he ever came back.

Despite their previous interaction, Peter came back just to watch the show and The Black Knight was extremely mad at him for returning. He challenged him to a joust, where he promised to defeat and kill him. When the joust started, the two rode their horses toward each other and while The Black Knight was confident he would win, Peter was terrified he would lose. When the two were about to clash, Tom Tucker announced over the intercom that to the owner of a yellow Hyundai, their car was being towed. This was The Black Knight's car, which diverted his attention, just as Peter happened to prance by on his horse and inadvertently, knock The Black Knight over, winning himself the joust and putting The Black Knight to shame.


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