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The Black Mage, also formerly known as the White Mage, is the main antagonist of the MapleStory massively multiplayer online RPG series. He is a malevolent evil entity who tried to rule the humans and the world but was sealed away.


A long time ago as the White Mage, he went to Magalia where he studied alchemy and made his research about the Aurora, an organization which protects and analyzes the light.

After he was promoted as the Maple World's Transcendent of Light, he slowly saw the people of his world making bad decisions after bad decisions and the world slowly became chaotic, realizing that the humans can't be trusted, he believed that they need someone to control their lives and prevent them from ruining the Maple World.

He gave up all of light and trusted himself to the darkness, transforming himself into The Black Mage, he invaded the Temple of Time and stoled the powers of Rhinne, the Goddess of Time and kept it for himself.

He later easily dispatched a demon who was angry at him because he ordered to his commanders to destroy his hometown.

When Freud and Mercedes (two of the Heroes), entered his chamber, he unleashed his power on them and injured Mercedes, attempting to kill Freud, he was attacked by the two Heroes Luminous and Shade who resolved to seal him.

Shade approached the mage and sacrificed himself, in order to force him to use his power of darkness, leaving himself vulnerable to Luminous's punch, which defeated and sealed the Mage. However, before disappearing, he cursed the heroes by forcing them into a deep slumber and encased them in ice.

Powers and Abilities

As the Black Mage, he possessed an array of powerful abilities, such as the manipulation of the fire, ice, light and darkness elements. He was also able to manipulate time and warp reality.


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