Black Phantom!

I am the Black Phantom, this is my pet Arachnix and with your heroes away on missions, Hero Factory belongs to ME.
~ Black Phantom

Black Phantom is the main antagonist of Lego Hero Factory Breakout. He is a powerful villain who is the mastermind behind a mass breakout of the Hero Factory Storage Containment prisons. He formed the Legion of Darkness.

He was voiced by Mark Hamill, who also voiced Joker and Von Nebula.


Thousands of years ago, he and the other villains planned to attack and destroy Hero Factory. When his legion failed to destroy Hero Factory, he sent Voltix to freed villains with a little help from Von Nebula. In order to infiltrate the Hero Factory, Black Phantom orchestrated a massive prison break. Blowing his way into the Factory, he set free every villain imprisoned there, and provided them with a means to escape. Instead of departing with the escaping convicts, he instead hid himself within the Hero Factory, hoping to destroy the Assembly Tower. Black Phantom also immobilized the Mission Managers, cutting off contact with the outside. The Hero Daniel Rocka is currently tracking down Black Phantom, though Black Phantom has booby trapped the path to him.

He linked himself to the Assembling Tower and send his pet Arachnix to battle the heroes. Defeated by Rocka and giving blueprints of Hero Factory to a mysterious villain . Later, he bring the Legion of Darkness together again. Failed attempt to betraying his legion, re-captured by Alpha Team and the legion separate their group. During the final battle which takes place in the core storage Rocka puts wires on him however Black Phantom said this would give him more power however he was ultimately worng is it eclecticutes him and after he gets blacked out Rocka arestets him. It's unknown if what happen to him later on but it's most likely that he woke up sometime later and they unhook the wires of of Black Phantom and was taken to his own cell for a long time.

Abilities and Traits

Black Phantom is an extremely intelligent villain, as well as possessing great strength. His impressive size also lends to his fearsome reputation and a heavy French accent.


Black Phantom wields the heavy Razor Sabre Mace Staff in one hand, and possesses a custom built Arachnix drone, which can multiply itself and target Black Phantom's enemies. He is also equipped with two sabre strikers on his back.


  • He is a third Hero Factory villain with an accent, the first is Thunder with Russian Accent and second is Witch Doctor with a African Accent of a witch doctor.
  • Leader of the Legion of Darkness.
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