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Villain Overview

You're a driven woman. You're always a driven woman. Did you think that here, in the realm of those dissatisfied with the knowledge of a single universe, you wouldn't run into yourself sooner or later? ... This has all been built by us, for each other, with signs only we would see. I knew you'd find a way in. There's so much more for you to learn, Little Sister.
~ Alison to an alternate version of herself in "Queen's Gambit".
I leave you with one final truth; The Garden is the Serpent's place; the divinities of fear and order who come to walk in the cool evening air are only visitors. Do not fail to see the evil hiding in the light, nor the aromatic beauty of the palest flower of darkness.
~ L.S. to the Foundation in "Security Breach Incident X23".
I am going to make you cry.
~ The Black Queen to the Foundation from "The Black Queen".

The Black Queen is a recurring group and occasional deuteragonist in the SCP Foundation mythos. It is an interdimensional group comprised of almost every version of Alison Chao whose family was ruined after her father Charles Gears was abducted by the Foundation. They swore revenge on the Foundation for destroying their families in their respective universe and using the Ways of the Wanderer's Library they banded together, each becoming known as the Black Queen, to help each other in their mutual goals, in most universes they ally themselves with the Serpent's Hand who knows her as L.S.

The Black Queen plays important roles in "The Black Queen", the "Serpent Sequence/Sisters Saga", the "Blood Red Summer", "Speed Demon" and "Blackened" series.


Possible Origins

Going Out Of Book

In most common universes, Alison Chao took the title of the Black Queen after her father Charles Gears suddenly left her and her mother, Leanne Zhu Chao, without leaving any trace when she was only eight years old. Dome days after her father's disappearance, Alison's mother hired a pair of detectives to help find Gears, but unbeknownst to them the detectives were actually undercover Foundation agents who attempted to dissuade Leanne from searching for him. As a result of this her family quickly fell apart, filling Alison with sadness and despair.

In her quest to find her father, Alison found a magician named Ms. Sylvia Lowmax. The old woman told Alison about the Wanderer's Library which could only be accessed through interdimensional gateways known simply as Ways and also told her that the SCP Foundation had abducted her father and administered him amnestics to make him forget about his family and solely dedicate himself to his work, slowly becoming the Foundation's puppet. With this new information Alison began studying Ms. Lowmax's teachings which she would use to bind Diligem, Spirit of the Five Wastes to a doll. The spirit per Alison's request told her about a nearby Way which she could use to travel through the multiverse and join the Serpent's Hand which shared the same goal as her to destroy the Foundation, or at least change the tyrannical organization. She would then use the Ways to meet other version of herself which went through the same experiences as her and soon banded together and took the title of the Black Queen, becoming determined to save their fathers and bring down the Foundation.

SCP-001 (djkaktus's Proposal III)

The Alison Chaos becoming the Black Queen and collaborating between universes had in fact been all part of O5-5/The Blackbird's plan. After the Overseer had merged with all of the alternate versions of himself, becoming a singular interdimensional entity, he was unable to watch the entire multiverse, so he manipulated the Alison Chaos to use as a way to observe each universe in order to keep things under his control. The Black Queens although initially against this, had no choice but to obey him and kept their relationship secret from everyone else.

SCP Foundation

The Black Queen at some point came into the possession of a cap that granted its wearer antimemetic properties, and used it to break inside the Foundation's facilities and gather information without being noticed. After the Foundation was able to acquire the cap, which they had designated SCP-268, the Black Queen simply broke inside the site containing the cap, having gained the anomaly's permanent effects, and got her cap back. When the Foundation got hold of SCP-407, a song that transforms listeners into vegetation, the Black Queen again broke inside the site containing it and proceeded to completely destroy it, since as seen by SCP-507, the song posed global danger to humanity.

During her quest, the Black Queen gathered all information she could about the O5 Council and the Administrator, although she would later admit that some of this information was false and contradictory, and even implied that she might have made some parts up. When an unknown individual was able to gain access to her file "O5 Command Dossier", she welcomed them and decided to share this information with them, but because of the unreliable authenticity of this file the Black Queen left it up to the individual to believe whether all of this information was true or false.

The Black Queen eventually found out about SCP-348, soup bowl that when in presence of a sick or injured child would fill itself with food before displaying a message the child's father would have wanted to say to them, and became interested in it. Around June of 2015, she caught a cold and seeing this as an opportunity she convinced another Black Queen to steal SCP-348 from the Foundation, since she feared that bowl's effects would manifest on her and shock which would allow the Foundation to finally catch her. The other Black Queen was successful in stealing it and gave the bowl to the main Black Queen who kept it inside her cupboard for three days, waiting for her to become "sick enough". Upon becoming actually sick, she took SCP-348 out of her cupboard and put it on her kitchen table where the bowl became filled with a cold soup of won tons, pork and onions. After finishing the food which tasted nothing special the bowl displayed a message from Gears stating to her that he still remembered her. This caused the Black Queen to be overwhelmed with emotions as she realized that her father still remembered her and decided to keep SCP-348 for a couple more days. The Black Queen eventually returned the anomaly back to its containment locker since she had promised to return it, while the Foundation became alerted at her break ins.

When a Way located near Site-17 transformed into a living humanoid entity, it became possessed by a Neverwere which sought to exist as a Way. As the Foundation got hold of the anomaly after it became possessed by Dr. Jack Bright, unaware that the entity would soon eradicate the entire existence, the Black Queen and few members of the Hand, which included Rain, Septima, Dega, and Joanna Cross, planned to break out SCP-239, since she was the only one capable of preventing the imminent catastrophe. While Cross let the Foundation capture her as part of the plan, the Black Queen and her companions gathered the "focus plants" with the intent of using them to empower 239 for her battle against the Neverwere.

Two months after Cross' detainment, the Black Queen and her companions traveled through the Library to meet with an angelic wanderer named Ataxis. The Black Queen handed over a key to Ataxis for him to consume as part of their payment and the latter manifested a crystalline door for them to pass through and directly enter Site-17. As soon as they arrived, the Neverwere began to steadily destroy reality around it, forcing them to go straight to SCP-239's chamber cell in order to wake her up from her coma. Luckily, 239 had in fact been awake all this time and went to battle the Neverwere. While SCP-239 began battling the Neverwere, the Black Queen and her companions went to different places in the site to plant the foci plants in order to empower 239, and met with Cross' sister, Rita Butler, who was a Foundation employee, telling her that her sister needed her help. However, as she and Cross were about plant their plants they each were stopped from doing this, with the Neverwere taking possession of Black Queen's mind while Cross was held at gunpoint by her sister.

The Black Queen tried her best to fight against the Neverwere, but thankfully the entity let go of her as it was about to kill 239, allowing her to plant the foci plant and at the same time Cross was also able to free herself and plant her own plant in reality. This greatly empowered SCP-239 who was finally able to defeat the Neverwere by granting it the existence it had longed for so long. In the aftermath, after her friends retreated back to a Hand safehouse, the Black Queen met with Gears, who didn't attempt to detain her, and gave him an anise rose before bidding each other goodbye. She then reunited with SCP-239 and after discussing what had transpired and what they would do, the two of them decided to spending some time together at Disneyland before returning to their respective homes.

When Andrea Adams, Chelsea Elliott, Blaire Roth and SCP-105 were attacked by the female members of the GOC's Assessment Team 735 "Sparkplug" during their "bar crawl", the Black Queen was there to witness the event. After the Foundation personnel were able to fend off and escape the GOC operatives, the Black Queen became satisfied with what she saw and left the scene via a Way.

After the young Mexican witch Cristina Izcalli joined the Serpent's Hand, the Black Queen took her under her wing and taught her much about magic and the books within the Wanderer's Library. However, when her people began suffering from the oppression of the government, Cristina stole some cooking books from the Library and gave them to an anomalous drug cartel known as Sin Nombre under the pretext that were powerful grimoires in exchange for weapons and supplies. As she broke one of the Library's rules she had a falling out with her master the Black Queen and Cristina was expelled from Library.

She and ex-Serpent's Hand members would go on to form Las Víboras, a lef-twing revolutionary guerrilla group determined to liberate the people from the government's oppression. Eventually, as Cristina's group were being slowly destroyed as a result of the government collaborating with the Valravn Corporation and the SCP Foundation, they gathered as many villagers as they could and evacuated to the Library where the Black Queen and the Librarians awaited them. She confronted Cristina over her actions regarding the latter's theft of the books and revealed that she would pay Cristina's debts by surrendering her to Sin Nombre. Cristina's companions in response attempted to attack her, but the Black Queen easily subdued them, forcing Cristina oblige only at the request of giving her asylum in the Library. The Black Queen promised that she and the Librarians would look after her people and told her that once captured by the cartel to ask Death for help as the being was a acquaintance of her.

Other Universes

During their quest in "rescuing" the various versions of Gears from their Foundations or another group of interest which they were working for, the Black Queens created a massive research facility outside of the multiverse where they would house the Gears. Eventually the facility, now known as the House of Gears, became home to around 220 different versions of Dr. Gears who worked together in research, while some other versions went to do their own things in the facility.

A version of the Black Queen helped the Foundation from the 'mainline reality' in using the "mirror" realities they created to keep the threat of the Worm away from their reality as part of Project Palisade.

When a version of the Black Queen discovered a universe in which the Foundation killed the embodiment of Death, causing all inhabitants of the universe to become immortal, she decided to build a facility in a remote place in Alaska where she could keep versions of her father alive and safe from the various dangers affecting them inside cryogenic stasis chambers developed by a version of Prometheus Labs. After capturing 550 versions of Gears, the Black Queen attempted to abduct the Gears native to this universe. She was able to brake inside Site-17 and enter Gears' office where he was a discussion with Dr. Clef. Clef immediately shot her, forcing the Black Queen to retreat to her facility, however, unbeknownst to her Clef had shot her with a bullet-shaped tracker which allowed the Foundation to find the facility containing the versions of Gears in craiostesis, designating it SCP-4056.

Following the discovery of SCP-4056, Gears, Clef and MTF Alpha-99 organized an operation to capture the Black Queen, having designated her as PoI-4056, when she returned to the facility. As soon as she arrived, she was ambushed by the Foundation forces, but she still fought back, until Gears himself intervened, telling her that she would be captured either way and despite her pleas he proceeded to shoot her with his stun gun. After capture, Gears himself interviewed her, questioning her why she kidnapped the alternate versions of himself to which she responded that because she loved him so much she didn't want any of version of her father to die. Following the interview he had the Black Queen locked inside a special containment chamber which she would unable to breach.

In a universe in which Alison Chao became a Nobody, she just like every other Black Queen began going after her father, Dr. Charles Gears. However, she found it difficult to find his exact location as both he and the Foundation made sure to keep him secluded from everyone. After finally finding his location she began pondering whether get revenge on him or just talk to him, but was determined to confront him regardless of the obstacles before her.

A temporary alliance was formed between Chaos Insurgents, several versions of Black Queens and anti-Foundation operatives, to attack together nine different Foundation sites. Thankfully, the damage caused by them was mitigated thanks to the intervention of SCP-4482, a Foundation employee whose essence was transported into the communication networks, who contacted various Foundation employees and together fought back against the aggressors.

Several Black Queens after finding the Wanderer's Library, attempted to learn more about the Library's god, the Serpent. However, they were unable to find much about the being apart from what was already known and summarized that similar to the Scarlet King, the Serpent existed as the embodiment of a living idea, in this case the Serpent representing the idea of knowledge. They wrote this in their books which were found by Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood when the latter went on his own journey to learn more about the Serpent.

In the universe of SCP-001 (ROUNDERHOUSE's Proposal), Alison Chao was born the daughter of Charles Gears, O5-13, and Agatha Rights, O5-7. Her mother had died while giving birth to Alison, leaving Gears alone and without emotions. It is unknown what happened to his daughter afterwards.

In a universe where the GOC destroyed the Ways which gave this version of the Serpent's Hand access to other universes, L.S. discovered their version of SCP-507 locked inside a psychiatric facility and seeing his interdimensional properties, she had the Hand break him out and recruit him as Agent Hopper. Archivist Silvia Haven of the Hand was at first distrustful of Agent Hopper and doubted L.S.' decision to recruit him, but after seeing his contribution in exploring alternate realities apologized to L.S. and became assured in Hopper's usefulness.

A Black Queen named Alyx Chao who had overthrown multiple iterations of the Foundation and even a tyrannical version of herself arrived at a universe in which the Foundation didn't exist and the GOC which was unrelated to the UN was successful in eradicating most of the anomalous world. When the GOC was able to invade their universe's branch of the Wanderer's Library, the Library cut the branch in order to avoid further damage, stranding Alyx in this universe with no way of leaving it or contacting the other Black Queens. Alyx eventually joined the other leaders from this universe's notable GoIs, forming an organization known as Overwatch Council which was somewhat of an analogue of the Foundation and became determined to fight the GOC and save the anomalous.

A male version of the Black Queen known as L.B., possibly meaning Little Brother, along with his version of the Serpent's Hand entered a battle against the Alagaddans in a extradimensional space designated SCP-6034-1 where they were forced to use WWI equipment. When the Foundation became involved, L.B. asked them to join forces in order to prevent the Alagaddans from reaching Earth.

Possible Endings


As the entire world was slowly being destroyed, the Black Queens were unable to evade its end as the entire multiverse was being destroyed along with. Despite their best efforts, the Black Queens failed to accomplish their goals and in the end they died with their stories never being known following the universe's destruction.

SCP-001 (djkaktus's Proposal III)

As Chaos Insurgent Calvin Lucien and his companions, Olivia Torres and Adam Ivanov, began hunting down each member of the O5 Council in order to fix the damage caused by the Foundation to reality, he eventually came face-to-face with O5-5. While Calvin attempted to kill the Overseer using "Dr. Wondertainment's Interdimensional Line and Lure" and "bird-b-gone by dado" as they both traveled through different realities, the Black Queen snatched both of them and brought them to the containment chamber of SCP-001 (Atonement). There the Black Queen explained to O5-5 that she and the others didn't want to keep doing this anymore and now only wanted to be normal people again, but the Overseer became angry at her stating that he had tried to give them and Calvin them what they always wanted and that they were ungrateful before proclaiming that he was unstoppable. The Black Queen seeing that the Overseer was no convinced, released SCP-001 who proceeded to annihilate O5-5 due to his vendetta against all Overseers before being locked up again by her. After explaining to Calvin the nature of this universe's SCP-001, she and the other Black Queens transported Calvin and his friends back to their native universe, taking Olivia and Adam away from their desired worlds which were previously given to them by the Overseer. After Calvin, Olivia and Adam were captured by O5-3/The Kid and MTF Tau-5 who about to kill them, the Black Queen quickly intervened and returned Calvin Dr. Wondertainment's Line and Lure before leaving. Calvin used it to summon the Malidramagiuan which proceeded to kill the MTF, allowing the Insurgents to kill the Overseer, while the Black Queen and the others seemingly returned to their normal lives.


The Black Queen is the title taken by Alison Chao, daughter of famous Foundation employee Dr. Gears, after discovering the Ways and coming into contact with her alternative versions from the multiverse. The Black Queens use the Ways to travel to different realities in order to help each other in their mutual goals or to gain additional information which cannot be obtained in their respective universes. The Wanderer's Library which is connected to the Ways also serves as the base of operations for the Black Queen, causing most Black Queens to be affiliated with the Serpent's Hand, although due to their nature, some of them may also be connected to other groups of interest.

As a result of the Black Queens coming from different universes, each Black Queen is unique from one another. Their personalities often range from cheerful, optimistic, pacifistic and clumsy to cold, pragmatic, depressed and murderous. Their goals also tend to differ between the Black Queens, as although most share the goal to save their fathers and bring down the Foundation, some may attempt to fight Gears in universes in which he is a threat, or even attempt to take over their own worlds. The Black Queen uses various methods to accomplish her goals such as using the interdimensional Ways, paranormal magic and technology, and often seduction. The Black Queens have a common terminal in which they discuss various anomalies present in multiple universes and the threat they posed, in a similar manner to how the Hand review information on certain anomalies.

Relationship with other anomalous factions

Because of her affiliation with the Serpent's Hand and her goals, she is has has clashed on numerous occasions with the Foundation, while also being pursued by the Global Occult Coalition and the Unusual Incidents Unit.

The Black Queen has a close relationship with the Serpent's Hand, since they both inhabit the Wanderer's Library and sharing the goal of fighting the Foundation. As the Black Queens refer to each other as Little Sisters, the Black Queen is known to the Hand as L. S.

In various universes, the Black Queen has worked alongside various incarnations of Nobody, one of which was an alternate version of Dr. Gears, in various missions such as helping breaking out O5-0 from the O5 Council's Site-01.

In MEMORANDUM 083 REGARDING PROJECT "GUARDIANSHIP" the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts once captured the Black Queen or a version of the her. As ORIA had no interest in detaining her as she possibly possessed reality-warping powers, they planned to use her for a cooperative trade with the US government or some other group.

In the Vanguard's timeline, after the Foundation was dissolved into the more benevolent Vanguard that timeline's Black Queen was among the representatives from the Serpent's Hand to help the newly formed organization in their quest of informing and protecting the world of the anomalous.

A member of the interdimensional group of Black Queens converted to the religion of the Cogwork Orthodox Church with the help of Amitha Vikram. An interdimensional group known as Black Priestesses of WAN was apparently made out of Black Queens worshipping WAN and in one timeline eradicated the entire species of the Faeries to produce SCP-6800.

The Black Queens considers groups such as Sarkicism and the Fifth Church as highly dangerous and seek to fight the threat posed by them in their respective universes.

The Black Queen, or an alternate version named Alba, once hanged out with Iris Dark of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. and Ms Mirabilis from Das Wunderkabinett. Although they don't consider themselves as real friends, they had fun hanging out with each other.

While talking about the different versions of the "Hanged King's Tragedy", one of the Black Queens, Black Queen Caroline, revealed herself to be an accomplice for the King and tried to spread his influence on the server used by the other Black Queens but was fortunately stopped.

Two versions of the Black Queen were members of the Three Moons Initiative and the Gamers Against Weed in their respective universes.


  • The Black Queens bear resemblance to the Interdimensional Council of Reeds from Marvel Comics.
  • The Black Queen's and Gears' happy memories back before their family was still together were collected as animated photos in a memory album named "Our Best Life" from the "Id" shelf of SCP-4982, a modified bookcase which contains anomalous books casted out of the Wanderer's Library.
  • Before the creation of Alison Chao, there had been another GOI going by the name of the Black Queen created by author Fishmonger. Following the author's banning, he requested that all the work he had written for the SCP Wiki to be removed, which included the previous Black Queen GOI. The Alison Chao's version of the Black Queen has no relation with the now removed GOI.
  • In the tale "Úlla na Folla", a version of L.S. is seen as a male and not affiliated with the Black Queen.

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