Black Shuck is a large demonic dog of
Black Shuck

Black Shuck

English folklore who varies from being depicted as a type of monster or ghost to a kind of death-spirit, Black Shuck is one of many such beings said to haunt the British countryside and belief in these demon hounds may of inspired the Sherlock Holmes story "The Hounds Of The Baskervilles".


According to legend Black Shuck is a spirit (or monster) that takes the form of a very hairy black dog of abnormal size (said to vary from the size of a small calf or horse) - as well as abnormal size Black Shuck is said to have haunting red eyes that glow like torches in the night.

Haunting roads or countryside Black Shuck is said to stalk travelers at night, terrorizing them with his terrible visage or even going as far as attacking them (though this is rare) - he may also let loose a terrible howl which is said to act like a banshee's scream and cause the doom of any who hear it.

Although normally malevolent Black Shuck is also said to have a kinder side and may act as a supernatural guard dog of sorts to women or children who have lost there way - though he is just as likely to haunt them as well so encounters with this creature are seldom welcomed.

To enforce his traditional role as a death-spirit many legends state that those who gaze upon Black Shuck shall die within a year or less - this is common for stories about black dogs in Britain, where such creatures have traditionally been seen as omens of doom (as is noted by Black Shuck's other name, the Doom Dog).