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Blood for blood.
~ Skratch to Brother Swan, and one of the Black Skulls' prices.

The Black Skulls are major antagonists from the 2018 horror movie Mandy They are a group of seemingly demonic bikers who are mostly hired by the Children of the New Dawn cult to hunt down and kill people either on payment or for their own pleasure.


Skratch, the leader of the group appears to wear a black leather suit and mask and also appears to have clawed gloves as well as thin blacked lips and his mouth is full of sharpened, rotting teeth other than that not much else of him is seen.

Scabs, similarly to Skratch wears a black leather suit and mask as well as having thin blacked lips, but his suit and mask appear to have nails and other small sharp objects driven into them.

Sis, the only female member of the group appears to have short hair, chalky white skin, and wears a skin tight black suit and a waxy white mask with hollowed black eyes and a hollowed mouth.

Fuck Pig, appears to be mildly obese with chalky white skin and only wears a pair of black shorts and arm protectors with nails driven into them.



Lookit man...for a while now words been coming down from the big rigs, something dark and fearsome out there. No one knows where they came from. First it was stories from the Interstate, just rumors, that a crew was boosting trailers off big rigs with a ferocity never seen before. Leaving the truckers for dead. Prostitutes vanishing. Gutted bodies left on doorsteps. And always the same - a biker gang. Black bikes. Only seen at night. Weird shit. There’s stories, that there was a chapter that ran courier for a manufacturer of LSD. He took a disliking to them. Cooked them a special batch... And they’ve never been right in the head since. Travel from place to place without a trail. Nomads. Some say they’re searching for that guy. Shit’s getting spooky, people saying they live in the trees, come and go with the wind. That they commune with some dark dimension. I seen em once man. From a distance. I wish I never did. These are monsters lurking out there my man. Irrational, unable to see reality. At least as we see it. What you’re hunting is rabid animals. You should go in knowing your odds ain't that good and you will probably die.
~ Caruthers to Red about the Black Skulls

All that is known of the Black Skulls past is that they were former drug couriers who took a tainted batch of LSD that transformed them into bloodthirsty monsters that only desired to feel pain and inflict it upon others.


The Skulls are summoned by Brother Swan to capture Mandy Bloom and her boyfriend Red Miller under the orders of Jeremiah Sand in which Swan gives them the tainted LSD and blood sacrifice. Once night falls and the 2 go to sleep the Skulls break into their house and ransack the place before kidnapping the 2 and bringing them to Jeremiah's home.

After Red witnesses Mandy's death and escapes he prepares to get his vengeance and arms himself with a crossbow and an Axe glave before tracking them down and kills Scabs by shooting him with his crossbow which causes Scabs to fall off his motorcycle and twist his leg before he is run over by Red, killing him.

Red is then captured by the other 3 members and is tortured by Sis but manages to escape from her before grabbing a black vest and a box cutter and enters the living room where he encounters Fuck Pig doing Cocaine and gets into a fight that results in Red slitting Fuck Pig's throat with the box cutter.

Then Sis enters the living room with a sawed off shotgun and misses her shot before attempting to stab Red and the 2 fight before Red breaks her neck.

After using some of the Skulls drugs, Red reclaims his weapons before heading outside to face Skratch, burying a crossbow bolt into his neck, however this is not enough to kill Skratch who simply pulls the bolt out of his neck and the 2 get into a fight, during which Red pushes Skratch into the nearby flaming wreckage of a car, however the fire still doesn't kill Skratch as he taunts Red about Mandy's death Red uses his axe glave to decapitate Skratch and then lights a cigarette on his flaming head before leaving to search for the Children of the New Dawn.


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