Black Spider Ninja Clan is a prominent group of villains in Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Ninja Gaiden II.


The Spider Ninja Clan are allied with Vazdah and his minions. Their hatred towards the Hayabusa Ninja Clan is unrivaled. Craving power, the bodies of the Black Spider Ninja Clan has been twisted by their hunger.

Obaba, a sorceress and a witch, was once the head of the Black Spider clan. After her death at the hands of Ryu Hayabusa, the Ninja Overlord Genshin took over the Black Spider clan. The Black Spider Clan was then allied with the Lords of Alchemy.

While loyal, many of the ninja question their motivations for their searching for the Dark Dragon. They even ask themselves if so many lives and sacrifices are justified with such a inane objective.


The Black Spider Ninja clan is composed of a hierarchy which mostly includes ninjas.

  • Green - Weakest members in the clan. Green ninjas utilize swords or claws along with shurikens.
  • White - A step directly above above green ninjas. White ninjas are stronger but they utilize only swords.
  • Black - Stronger than green and white ninjas combined. Black ninjas use claws and incendiary shurikens in battles.
  • Blue - Mages who are capable of Ninpo and teleportation. Mages can also perform aerial suicide techniques and they are equipped with sais.
  • Shadow - The clan's second strongest ninjas. They can transform into monsters known as fiends.
  • Overlord - The leader of the Black Spider Ninja clan. The overlord is also the clan's strongest and toughest member.

There are two factions that aren't ranked according to the clan's hierarchy.

  • White Spikes - White Spikes ninjas use claws and incendiary shurikens. They are mostly the same as white ninjas along with black ninjas and shadow ninjas. The main exceptions of the White Spikes are their superior strength and more aggression.
  • Tactical Teams - Teams of ninjas who are fully able to wield sub machine guns or bazookas. These particular ninjas wear tactical suits and some of them wield swords. Each tactical ninja has a different amount of strength which depends on the color of their suit.



  • Ninpo is a form of magic that is both offensive and defensive.
  • Despite being elite, the Black Spider Ninja clan always comes up short in comparison to the Hayabusa clan.
  • It is a tradition among the clansmen to carry diaries with them.


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