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The Black Stalker is the greatmother of the spore walkers and a villain in the Warcraft universe. The Black Stalker is the final boss of The Underbog. The stalker can be tamed by adventurers.


The Stalker is the mother of the spore walkers in Zangarmarsh and has lived for centuries. She joined Illidan and his naga and made a settlement underwater where her offsprings help the naga. The boss can be found inside the Underbog dungeon. A group of adventurers confronted the Stalker and killed her. There are some naga, but predominantly it is full of sporebats, giants, wasps, and other creatures.

For this reason it is important to be on top of the healing at all times. It is also important to watch for static charge and the start of a chain lighting cast. On both events, players need to spread out and get away from him. The boss will levitate a player in the air. The tank should hold him against the wall because  knockback can throw the tank  into the water below.  The raid's DPS should either stand back down the hall, out of melee range, or do melee while standing at his belly.

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