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The "Black Stick Men" are enigmatic entities that are one of the more fairly recent of cryptid sightings - however they are linked to ancient beings depicted in some cave drawings, which some groups believe are signs of Ancient Aliens or extra-dimensional travellers.

Sightings and Description

Black Stick Men are humanoid beings that resemble stick figure drawings. In addition, Black Stick Men lack any facial features whether it be eyes, a nose, or a mouth. Despite the name, it is speculated that this species is entirely genderless. Black Stick Men are said to vary in height some ranging from that of a normal human to several feet in length. What is especially peculiar about these creatures is how they appear to be entirely two-dimensional. They allegedly possess no shadow, and their methods of communication are also unclear. Witnesses have reported that Black Stick Men are charged electrically with static electricity being the most common guess.

Unlike other paranormal creatures, Black Stick Men aren't connected to any particular paranormal event. Rather, they manifest themselves without much prompt. As for where these humanoids came from there are multiple theories. One theory states that because of their two-dimensional physique, many conclude that they were most likely natives of another dimension. Other theories infer that the Black Stick Men are actually demonic entities similar to the Shadow People. However, there is no definitive confirmation that the Black Stick Men are related to the Shadow People phenomenon. One of the more less sinister theories is that a Black Stick Man is merely the manifestation of a person's psyche (much like tulpas or a malevolent entity known as a Fetch). Many claim to have seen these beings whenever they felt fatigue or were tense.

While there are no confirmed attacks on witnesses by Black Stick Men, many have reported feelings of aggression and agitation from the encounter. It is plausible these creatures emit negative energy from them or may feed on negative energy much like Astral Vampires. If a Black Stick Man is discovered, it would create a movement that mesmerizes the eyewitness.




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