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Black Viceroys is an African-American street gang and the major antagonistic faction in Watch Dogs, it was led by veteran Delford "Iraq" Wade.


The Viceroys were originally a small-time group of underworld players until "Iraq" turned them into a powerful criminal organization second only to the Chicago South Club.

As part of their evolution, the Viceroys seized control of the dilapidated Rossi-Fremont public housing complex, which they converted into a hideout they christened the "Castle". It included multiple apartments where gang members and their families lived, a lounge and arcade for senior Viceroys, several packing areas for black-market goods, and a server room/office for Iraq, who was rumored to keep the computer key etched on his dog tags. To keep their base secure, the Viceroys surrounded it with armed guards at all times and fitted every space they could find with re-purposed ctOS surveillance equipment.

To keep people convinced the Viceroys were just street criminals, Iraq separated the gang into two groups. The first group was made up of "Gangbangers", low-ranking thugs whom Iraq allowed to tag and bag under the supervision of senior members. The other group, which Iraq referred to as his "family", was made up solely of members loyal only to him. They were trained in military skills and tactical warfare, and wore distinctive orange armor identifying their level of ability. Those with only chest and skull armor were rated as Soldiers, while those with full armor were classified as Commandos.

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