Black Vulkars

The Black Vulkars are a swoop gang in Taris and antagonists in the Knights of the Old Republic video game and comic books.

Prior to the Mandalorian Wars, the Black Vulkars were led by Benno. The gang was known for their reckless and dimwitted methods in comparison to the Hidden Beks. Two members of the gang were trying to capture Zayne Carrick to collect his bounty.

After Revan liberated Taris, Brejik becamed the leader of the Black Vulkars after Gadon refused to pass the leadership to him. Under Brejik's rule, more younger Hidden Beks join the gang as they become violent. The Black Vulkars also became involved in selling illegal drugs and slavery. It was the Vulkars who captured Bastila Shan after her ship was destroyed over the planet by the Sith. It is quite likely that the remaining Vulkars were killed when Darth Malak destroyed the city from orbit.

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