Black Waltz No. 3

I exist only to kill... I exist only to kill...
~ Black Waltz No 3 after getting defeated the first time and malfunctioning after he was made too powerful.

Black Waltz No.3 is by far the most powerful and unstable of the Black Waltz and arguably the most evil of them all.


He pursued the heroes after they defeated Black Waltz No. 2 and targetted the young black mage Vivi and mocked him, preparing to kill him (despite Vivi being a child) with powerful magic: however a group of black mages came to Vivi's aid, surprising Black Waltz No. 3 greatly as they had previously been shown as little more than mindless "dolls". However when the black mages began to challenge him Black Waltz No. 3 flew into a rage and unleashed amazing amounts of power upon them, killing them with ease. However upon seeing his own kind so mercilessly slaughtered Vivi flied into a rage and attacked Black Waltz No. 3, thankfully both Steiner and Zidane accompanied him and due to his rage Vivi becomes significantly more powerful (due to a status known as Trance). Regardless of this, Black Waltz No. 3 views the heroes as meaningless and battles them without mercy, even when defeated he refuses to give up and apprehended Thorn and Zorn's airship in order to unleash a final assault on the heroes but was ultimately defeated and presumably died when the airship crashed into the South Gate.

However, later in the game, it was proven Black Waltz No. 3 had survived, badly injured and just as determined as before to capture the princess. He fights against the heroes once again before finally being destroyed for good.