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The Black Winter is a Eldrich entity in the Marvel Comics universe and the master of Galactus


The Black Winter is one of the oldest cosmic entitles in the marvel universe and it fulfils a similar role like Galactus but far more larger scale as it eats universes in instead. The Black Winter had devoured the sixth literation of the Cosmos leaving the only survivor Galan who it chooses as it's herald becoming Galactus. Asgards that knows it as the Fullbiwinter as the start of Ragnarok. The Black Winter in the present times Wants Galactus back as it's herald once again Black Winter arrives in the prime marvel universe of 616 attacking him in the form of Thor, Galactus manages to escape but not without some wounds on him and later crash landed on asgard with some dark frosts infecting the world tree. Galactus had Thor become his herald and explains to him the Black Winter coming eating five planets to fight against it. Black Winter devoured another universe.

The Black Winter arrives to confront thor and Galactus who it easily defeats. Ingruited by thor's survival Thor escaped it's grasp and that he was fated to die like in a another universe noting that someone of something manages to allow thor to survive and the black winter tells Thor that it is not hear to destroy his universe that much worse threats are coming.

Thor later learns that the Black Winter wanted galactus to be it's herald again. This enraged Thor enough to drain galactus and later uses a power blow to destroy the Black winter.However The Watcher believes that the one Thor destroys was a manifestation and that the real one could still be out there.

Powers and Abilities

The Black Winter is capable of devouring every universe and even transformed Galan into Galactus as it's herald. It is also capable of shape shifting.