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Blackbot the Pirate

Blackbot the Pirate is a character in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Comic.


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Blackbot was originally a one-shot character from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. He appeared in the episode Blackbot the Pirate, the first part of the four-part Chaos Emerald saga involving Sonic chasing Robotnik through time.

Blackbot was originally BlackBeard, a human pirate in Mobius's age of pirates. Blackbeard singlehandedly embarked on a voyage to the location the Chaos Emerald of Invisibility, which he had buried in the past.

In an attempt to find the Emerald, Doctor Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder time-traveled into the past and landed on Blackbeard's ship. The surprised pirate told them to get off his ship and Robotnik responded by sending Scratch and Grounder to the fight the pirate.

Grounder challenged Blackbeard to a swordfight and was easily sliced to ribbons by the pirate. After Grounder's defeat, Scratch challenged Blackbeard with his skills as a blackbelt, however Blackbeard said he was a "BlackBeard" and easily beat Scratch with a pair of Nunchakus. Facing Robotnik, Blackbeard asked how Robotnik expected to fight, only for Robotnik to roboticize Blackbeard into a robot slave with his robot-transmogrifier ray, re-naming him Blackbot the Pirate. Now wired to be totally loyal to Captain Robotnik, Blackbot gave the mad scientist the map to the Chaos Emerald and ferried them to the location

When Sonic and Tails arrived to stop Robotnik, Blackbot fought Sonic atop the ship's mast. Although Sonic managed to knock Blackbot to the deck, the robot responded by capturing Tails and forcing him to walk the plank, leading Sonic to leap into the water to save him.

Blackbot then accompanied Robotnik on the search for the Chaos Emerald, and fought Sonic again. However, when Sonic managed to obtain the Emerald and become invisible, he used his razor-sharp spinning to slice Blackbot to ribbons.

Blackbot later appeared in the episode's Sonic Sez/PSA segment, still in robot form, where Blackbot tells Tails he can't let the kid fox play him with his sword as it's a dangerous weapon and not a toy.

Sonic the Comic


As seen in Sonic the Comic.

Black Bot cameos in Issue 250 of Sonic the Comic Online. Here he is a new badnik model as opposed to a robotized individual. He is seen fighting Simpson the Cat in Scourge Bay during The Battle For Mobius. It is unknown what happened to Blackbot; considering Simpson's ineptitude at fighting and Captain Plunder being under The Curse of King Akotek, Blackbot's mission may have been quite successful.

His inclusion was apparently down to Stiv, who was also responsible for pencilling Blackbot's panel. It was inked and coloured by Matthew Allen Smith.


  • Blackbot's name is an obvious play on the legendary Blackbeard.


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