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The Blacklist is a list of racers in Rockport that are of high priority for capture by the Rockport Police Department (RPD) and is organized by the amount of bounty placed upon them. The player has to defeat each driver on the list to become the "Most Wanted". 

Its fifteen members are all antagonists of the 2005 racing game Need for Speed: Most Wanted, with Razor as the main antagonist, de facto leader, and #1 on the Blacklist, by using the player's BMW M3 GTR to reach the top after sabotaging it in the prologue. 

Each member have a certain strength in some race events, such as drag, circuit, sprint, speedtrap, etc., including pursuit milestones. After defeating each member, the player may have a chance of receiving the member's vehicle by randomly selecting 2 markers, and will progress further on up the list to beat Razor and complete the career.


In the prologue of career mode, the player arrives in Rockport, where they were challenged by Ronald "Ronnie" McCrea, then Toru "Bull" Sato, to a race. Eventually, they get to race with Clarence "Razor" Callahan (who originally was #15 on the Blacklist), after a bet was made by Mia Townsend on whether Razor's Mustang GT was faster the player's car, the BMW M3 GTR. Unfortunately, the player's ride would break down at the climax of the race because of Razor's sabotage, which ended up with the player losing the race and their car to him, in addition to being arrested by Sergeant Cross of the RPD.

Some time went by, Mia picked the player up from jail and informed them about Razor's scheme that helped him become number 1 on the Blacklist. She then provided the player a safehouse in order for them to store their new vehicles (dependent on player's choice). With a few more Blacklist racers defeated, they would have access to new boroughs in Rockport, and Mia would provide more safehouses, car lots, and repair shops for the player. In addition, the player can engage in higher heat level pursuit for a certain member defeated, which makes it useful for them to quickly increase their bounty and challenge the top racers.

In the epilogue, unwilling to accept his defeat, Razor rebuffed on handing back the keys to the player's BMW and insisted they try to take the keys from him, with Ronnie, Bull, and a few other Blacklist racers witnessing the confrontation. At the same time, Mia intervened by snatching the keys and incapacitates him when he tried to retaliate, then revealing herself as an undercover police officer for the RPD. Razor, along with the other 14 Blacklist racers, were arrested, while Mia throws the keys to the player and tells them to go. At that point, Cross ordered every unit for the chase, with the player's heat level at 6. Five minutes later, Mia calls the player and tells them to drive to an old bridge in order to evade the cops, as a form of appreciation. Finally, having failed to capture them, Cross issued a national warrant for the player, ranking them the "Most Wanted".


There are 15 members on the Blacklist, who are ranked by their highest bounty, and have a specific strength in some race events or pursuit milestones. They all drive a unique kind of car, which has a chance of being rewarded to the player if a member was defeated and the player manages to obtain their pink slip. The player will automatically acquire their BMW M3 GTR upon beating Razor. The following list ranks the "most wanted" racer at the top, which is Razor, while the bottommost is Sonny.

Vehicle Profile Strength Bounty
NFSMWBMWM3GTRRazor.jpg RazorProfileIcon.png RazorSignature.webp Clarence "Razor" Callahan
Everything 10,000,000
NFSMWMercedesBenzSLRMcLarenBull.webp BullProfileIcon.webp BullSignature.webp Toru "Bull" Sato
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
Sprint Races 7,550,000
NFSMWAstonMartinDB9Ronnie.webp RonnieProfileIcon.webp RonnieSignature.webp Ronald "Ronnie" McCrea
Aston Martin DB9
Immobilizing Police Vehicles 5,550,000
NFSMWDodgeViperSRT102003JV.webp JVProfileIcon.webp JVSignature.webp Joe "JV" Vega
Dodge Viper SRT-10
Speedtrap Races 4,050,000
NFSMWChevroletCorvetteC6Webster.webp WebsterProfileIcon.webp WebsterSignature.webp Wes "Webster" Allen
Chevrolet Corvette C6
Evading Pursuits 3,050,000
NFSMWLamborghiniGallardoMing.webp MingProfileIcon.webp MingSignature.webp Hector "Ming" Domingo
Lamborghini Gallardo
Photo Tickets 2,300,000
NFSMWMercedesBenzCLK500Kaze.webp KazeProfileIcon.webp KazSignature.webp Kira "Kaze" Nakazato
Mercedes-Benz CLK 500
Cost to State 1,680,000
NFSMWFordMustangGTJewels.webp JadeProfileIcon.webp JewelsSignature.webp Jade "Jewels" Barrett
Ford Mustang GT
Drag Races 1,180,000
NFSMWMitsubishiLancerEvolutionVIIIEarl.webp EarlProfileIcon.webp EarlSignature.webp Eugene "Earl" James
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII
Sprint Races 790,000
NFSMWPorscheCaymanSBaron.webp BaronProfileIcon.webp BaronSignature.webp Karl "Baron" Smit
Porsche Cayman S
Infractions 500,000
NFSMWMitsubishiEclipseGTBigLou.webp BigLouProfileIcon.webp BigLouSignature.webp Lou "Big Lou" Park
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
Tollbooth Time Trials 300,000
NFSMWMazdaRX82003Izzy.webp IzzyProfileIcon.webp IzzySignature.webp Isabel "Izzy" Diaz
Mazda RX-8
Lap Knockout Races 180,000
NFSMWToyotaSupraVic.webp VicProfileIcon.webp VicSignature.webp Victor "Vic" Vasquez
Toyota Supra
Pursuit Length 100,000
NFSMWLexusIS300Taz.webp TazProfileIcon.webp TazSignature.webp Vince "Taz" Kilic
Lexus IS 300
Sprint Races 50,000
NFSMWVolkswagen GolfGTiMk5Sonny.webp SonnyProfileIcon.webp SonnySignature.webp Ho "Sonny" Seun
Volkswagen Golf GTI
Circuit Races 20,000