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Blacktop is Dr. Stankfoot's first mutant creation was a monster born from the very debris of Stankville itself. Blacktop is a hulking pile of shattered concrete and asphalt, given life through the mutating properties of the Zevo Compound. While Blacktop is as hard and durable as his namesake, he can liquefy himself at will, traveling through sewers and drains as a thick, tarry black mass.



Blacktop attacking New Eden City.

Blacktop is a mutant that was born amongst Stankfoot's footprints, in which was covered in the Zevo compound. He was created looking like a rock-looking monster with some gases coming from the top of his head and his back. It is obvious that he has an impenetrable layer of skin. Blacktop is under the orders of Stankfoot and officially acts as if he were a servant. Stankfoot ordered him to go to a concert that was at because he was sleeping and he didn't want any disturbance. He then went to the concert and quieted everybody down by unleashing a giant bubble looking like a dull-colored ball. The bubble then pops and it seems to make the people, including Ellie, to be infected when the pop of the bubble's splash remainings hit them. Jason and Matt find this out and try to find a solution. They knew antibodies were the solution so they go to where Stankfoot lives. Kewl Breeze was going to shrink Z-Strap to microscopic size so he could be on the chocolate- nugent bar. Kewl Breeze then set out the chocolate bar in Blacktop's way while he was patrolling. Blacktop found the bar, picked it up and ate it. Z-Strap was suddenly in the stomach. He was sucked down into the small intestines and cut through the walls to find a part of Blacktops body with three tubes. Z-Strap goes into a yellow tube and takes some antibodies. He then gets out and goes into the vein. He is then carried buy the fluids and arrives in the heart. When he makes it to the lung, he notices that he lost the antibodies. He goes back and gets the antibodies, and he then appears in the brain. Kewl Breeze says he only has 5 minutes until he remains microscopic forever, and now he only as one minute. Z-Strap knew the brain can generate an electrical charge to return him to normal size. He then gets that charge and immediately grows to normal size. As he's growing, however, so is Blacktop's head. Z-Strap finally breaks free and Blacktop's head explodes. When Stankfoot came out and saw this, he was looking at the scene in shock and awe, pleading to himself that was his baby.
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