So... you've come. My sword, Adrayer, thirsts for your sweet blood. This will be the final stop on your journey into oblivion! Prepare to breathe your last breath in this world, foolish one!
~ Blade/Jihad

Blade (also known as "Jihad"; Kanji: ジハード) is the sub-final boss of Red Earth, and right-hand servant of Scion. He was formerly, the personal bodyguard of Leo.


Serving Leo

He once served as Leo's personal bodyguard at his army, and was the highest ranked soliers of the army, that's it, until certain wizard woke up.

At Scion's service

Scion, after he woke up, he decided to kidnap blade, and convert it into his hechman, by making it a flying emerald with an heavy armor and a Sword-(Jousting)Lance thing called "Adrayer"


At first he is seen with a cape, his sword and heavy armor, he's quite fast and very strong.

This is only the entrée, the real deal comes when he pulls off his cape and starts moving faster and attacks stronger. In this phase he starts using his powers, he uses his Adrayer to throw a freezee missile, that will do a considerable damage.

When his health is drained to half, Blade uses his torso to launch a mirror and catch the player like a prey, so he can do massive damage. Button mashing will do nothing exept reduce the damage.

As a last resource, if his health is fatal, he'll explode into pieces and reassembles again. The pieces damage the player but not considerably.

Fighting Leo

When confronting Leo, Blade greets him before fighting him, Leo recognized his voice, Leo was horrified for the reveal, but Blade didn't care, becase he's "no longer in mortal's world". Cue battle starts.

After he's defeated by leo, he shows remorse of the actions he did, then he revealed that he was kidnapped and brainwashed, then tranformed it into a crystal to be put out of his will, ultimately, he revealed the location of Scion before he desintegrates. After he vanishes, Leo mourns at his death, and decides to avenge Blade, by killing Scion.



  • Due to religious problems, his name was changed by Blade. Ironically most Japanese media reffer him as Blade, instead of Jihad.
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