Blade Stabbington

Blade Stabbington is an evil retired campfire monster and a villain in the Grojband episode "Creepaway Camp". He was a monster that used to terrify children while they sang campfire songs by jumping out and attacking them alongside his flaming pet rat Biteface. After some time, it became harder for him to scare kids so he retired and became depressed. This was all until Grojband helped him get his mojo back and he became scary enough to scare away The Newmans.


Blade Stabbington lives in a lighthouse and founded Camp Screamly in a spooky forest near a swamp. He owns a pet rat Blade and he struck fear in every single child he visited just by appearing. He would even throw Biteface at them, and he would get red eyes and burst into flames which would be terrifying to them. However, kids and Blade retired from their jobs and started living out the rest of their lives in their old abandoned lighthouse where he did gardening.

They trained him and gave him practice until he had developed ugly facial expressions. They brought Blade back into the game again where he did lots of scaring children and was even able to scare teenagers like Mina. At the Scary Song Competition, Blade Stabbington rose from the green, flaming, campfire of Grojband's ground during their song and terrified all of the kids there but mostly targeted The Newmans, as he threw a flaming Biteface at them, causing them to run off in fear, losing the competition. He was given the trophy for what he had done and he thanks Grojband for their help, and then he retired once again, only happily, knowing that his life has been fulfilled and that he can come back anytime he wants. He got into his lighthouse, which turned into a rocket lighthouse, and took off into outer space, where he returned to his friends in the Terror-Nebula Fumelon He wears a black top hat and has a pointy nose and sharp teeth.


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