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What? She cheated on you on TV!? No, no, no, no, you can't do this, what's wrong with you people? Can't you be mad at each other? IT'S TOTAL DRAMA, NOT TOTAL FORGIVE AND FORGET!
~ Blaineley during her breakdown.
No one can make me go! NO ONE! Except maybe them.
~ Blaineley trying to refuse to compete for TDWT before being taken by the interns.
Geoff: The question remains. Where is Duncan now?
Blaineley: Nobody can find him. Not even everyone's fave host, Chris McLean.
Beth: Chris is looking for Duncan?
Blaineley: Chris had the entire Total Drama machine looking for Duncan.
~ Blaineley on Duncan's whereabouts.

Mildred "Blaineley" Stacey Andrews O'Halloran is a minor antagonist of the Total Drama franchise, appearing as a supporting character in the Total Drama Action finale "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special", the main antagonist of the Total Drama World Tour Aftermath episodes and a brief antagonist in two of the season's episodes and a cameo character in Total Drama All-Stars and its spin-off Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

She was voiced by Carla Collins.


She initially debuts as the main antagonist in the Total Drama Action Celebrity Manhunt Special as one of the hosts of the "Celebrity Manhunt" gossip show tracking down all the old contestants. During the actual season, she appears in the Aftermath episodes as a co-host alongside Geoff, due to Bridgette's initial absence while competing on the show. During her time as co-host, she begins humiliating and bullying contestants on the Aftermath set.

During the first Aftermath, she tries to get Bridgette and Geoff to fight and break up by constantly bringing up Bridgette's kiss with Alejandro and eventually setting up a boxing match between them. However, her plan fails and they make up in the end, resulting in her throwing a tantrum.

During the second Aftermath, she tries to help with the fundraiser to fix the airplane, and in an attempt to raise more drama, she released a bunch of wild animals on DJ, which attacked everyone on the set. However, they did succeed in raising enough money right before the episode concluded.

During the third aftermath, she was supposed to be off in Siberia visiting one of her obsessed fans. However, it was revealed that she kidnapped Bridgette and forced her to go to Siberia instead. Geoff, upset by this, leaves the set, making Blaineley the one and only host. Later on, Geoff constantly tries to ruin her reputation by singing a song about her saying gross/weird things and revealing that her real name is "Mildred", and showing video tapes of her doing gross things. Then at the very end of the episode, Geoff declares that Blaineley has "won" the "Second Chance" contest on a technicality and she is sent into the competition with the other characters.

Immediately upon her debut into the game, she sings a song about herself and made enemies with just about everyone, due to her self-centered personality. Her biggest enemy on the show, however, was Heather, who she slapped in the face. During the Niagara Falls challenge, she is "married" to Owen, who seems to take some sort of liking to her. Later on, she formed an alliance with Chef Hatchet, who helped her cheat during the eating challenge, but was caught by Heather along with Alejandro and Courtney. Because of this, Blaineley and Courtney tied in the votes for that episode, so Chris McLean eliminated them both. Before leaving, Blaineley then revealed some secrets, such as that Ezekiel was still hiding on the plane and that Chris only got chosen to host Total Drama in the first place because she turned it down, which caused him to angrily push them out the plane. Blaineley then failed to open her parachute and fell into a Chinese Restaurant, where she broke all the bones in her body and had to wear a full body cast for the rest of the show.

During the fourth Aftermath, she is forced to be the only member of "Team Heather" and is put through excessive amounts of abuse while still in her cast due to her actions against the ex-contestants throughout the season. In the season finale, taking place in Hawaii, a still injured Blaineley attends the event and is forced to watch how Alejandro and Heather compete against each other for the million dollars.

Depending on the ending, Heather or Alejandro wins the season by throwing a pineapple doll of the other into the island's volcano, but some Hawaiian elders appear and tell the cast that throwing pineapples into the volcano will cause an eruption, with one of the elders kicking the injured Blaineley for covering one of the warning signs. In the end, neither Alejandro nor Heather take the million dollars as the prize money is stolen by a feral Ezekiel, who jumps with the money into the volcano. The volcano subsequently erups and Blaineley escapes with the others, even running over Alejandro. However, as all the contestants swim away to safety, Blaineley isn't seen among them.

In Lightning's exclusive clip in Total Drama All-Stars, Blaineley is seen in France, riding a swan boat with Bruno. In addition to confirm her survival, Blaineley is fully healed from her injuries by this point.

Blaineley makes a cameo in the spin-off series.

In Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race: in the episode "A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars", Blaineley makes a cameo appearance outside the Empire State Building, carrying a large amount of shopping bags while walking past Sanders and MacArthur. She is seen wearing a pink dress rather than her usual red dress.








  • In "Chinese Fake-Out", Blaineley reveals to Chris McLean that she was originally asked to be the host of Total Drama but she turned down the offer, allowing Chris to be hired instead. However, it's likely that had Blaineley been the show's host instead of Chris, it wouldn't have been much different given that both of them are narcissistic, mean and are obsessed with gossip and fame. Interestingly, both of them have a sort of friendship with Owen. However, given that Blaineley isn't as cruel as Chris, it's possible that she would have been a little better.
  • Until her cameo in the exclusive clip of "Evil Dread", it was widely speculated that Blaineley had died at the end of "Hawaiian Punch", as she would have been unable to swim with her injuries and was not seen among the original cast in the yacht in "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!". However, with the reveal of her survival, it's possible that Blaineley declined to appear with the rest of the cast or had yet to be healed when the fourth season premiered.
  • She's the only contestant in the Total Drama series who's not a teenager not counting The Ridonculous Race. She also has the distinction of being the only contest from the first two generations who never set foot on Camp Wawanakwa before its sinking.

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