Fire Shogun Blaird is a member of the Space Pirate Fleet Descal and a major antagonist turned anti-hero in Chousei Kantai Sazer-X. He is the hotheaded leader of the Three Shoguns and rival of Takuto Ando / Lio-Sazer.


Blaird has stated that he was raised by Captain Barder when he was young.

Blaird arrived on Earth alongside the rest of Descal with the intention to conquer it. Blaird and his fellow Shoguns were ordered by Captain Barder to go out and collect the Cosmo Capsules to prevent Sazer-X from getting them first. Blaird quickly developed an intense rivalry with Takuto after clashing with him over a Cosmo Capsule.

However, after lightning strikes their ship, and Captain Barder is revealed to be a robot and malfunctions, Blaird begins to doubt their mission. This would lead to Aqual discarding him from the Three Shoguns.

Blaird's rivalry with Takuto would eventually evolve into something of a friendship and Blaird allied with Sazer-X with the goal of reuniting the Three Shoguns.

However, Blaird temporarily joined Jackall and assisted him in his quest to get revenge on Commander Shark and Sazer-X. Blaird returned to Sazer-X after Jackall died from injuries sustained in battle, which taught Blaird the outcome of a life consumed by revenge.

Blaird helped Sazer-X during the final battle with King Neo Descal, where he destroyed Neo Descal's memory.

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