Blaire Vherestorm

I am the most powerful being on this planet!
~ Blaire to Mario.

Blaire Vherestorm is an antagonist who appeared in the internet series Stupid Mario Brothers.

He is portrayed by Matt Howlett.


Blaire's real name is John. John was a boy who once wrote a story about a wizard called Vherestorm for school. Everyone at his school laughed at him and thought he was crazy. One day, John met up with The Darkness, an evil person who exactly looked like Mario. The Darkness told him that he could give him the powers Vherestorm had in John's story. John accepted this and from then on, he was called Blaire Vherestorm. On The Darkness' orders he teamed up with Liquid Snake and Ken. Together they formed a group called the Trifecta. Together they unleashed a group of ninjas. Blaire also helped The Darkness by creating an energy source, which took away the power of Mario, Ness, Wario & Luigi after Snake destroyed it. Blaire also betrayed The Darkness. He promised The Darkness to warn him immediately when Mario & his friends were having his powers back. But he didn't. He started to fight Mario and his friends on his own. During a fight with Mario, The Darkness showed up. He was very angry with Blaire because he did not do what The Darkness asked him to do. After a short discussion, The Darkness killed off Blaire.

Blaire is killed by The Darkness. "Looks like you're only second rate after all!"

Blaire was later revived by Ganondorf and joined the League of Villains. During the battle against Mario and his gang, he fought Snake. However, when Darkness arrives to challenge Ganondorf, Blaire and all other members of the League except Ganon get frozen by Darkness. After Darkness teleported himself, his fellows and Mario's gang away, Blaire and the other villains are able to move again.

However, Blaire later betrays Ganon by taking some of his ninjas with him to kill Snake. After explaining to Snake that Ganon won't resurrect him again because he doesn't resurrect those who failed him, he battles Snake and his former friend Ken. Then, Waluigi appears and kills Blaire, saving Snake.

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