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Humans you leave us no recourse! If you will not join us willing we will be forced to use other means of persuasion. Now...
~ Guy Shepherd speaking for his fellow blanks before getting cut off by an attack by Andy Knightely

The Blanks are major antagonists in the 2013 sci-fi comedy horror film The World's End, the third instalment in the Cornetto Trilogy. They are severely advanced replicas of humans created by The Network in a way to improve humanity and the human race itself.


The Blanks were a form of A.I which would replace other members of a species. When The Network chose Earth as the next target for the universal perfection the blanks landed on Earth and began claiming the DNA of humans in Newton Haven, some residents knew this and tried to avoid capture however many failed in this task and very few humans remained by the time of 2013. Over the course of the movie Blanks attacked the protagonists in several ways and eventually got a hold of Oliver Chamberlin and converted him much to the horror of his friends. Oliver became a leader of the Blanks alongside Guy Sheperd and constantly attempted to manipulate his peers into becoming Blanks themselves.

Later on the Blanks corner Peter Page and kill him right in front of his remaining friends and convert him. Shaken by this horror, Gary King and Andy Knightely get into a brutal fight only to be confronted by The Network itself who attempts to convince them to become Blanks although fails miserably. The Blanks were then abandoned and became enemies of the remaining human race after all of the technological advancements were erased.

Notable Blanks


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