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You'll regret this...
~ Blaster Dark after being betrayed by Aichi Sendou.
Glory and honor are only fitting for those in the light. Us in the shadows shall do what's necessary.
~ Blaster Dark as the leader of the Revengers.

Junos, better known as Blaster Dark, is one of the leading commanders of the Shadow Paladins and an antagonist in Cardfight!! Vanguard. He was recruited by Phantom Blaster Dragon, and he plans on killing his greatest rival, Blaster Blade. Much like his counterpart, he shares his name with his weapon. His Vanguard is Ren Suzugamori, and for a short period of time it was also Aichi Sendou.


Cardfight!! Vanguard

Originally an ambitious knight, Junos was a member of the Royal Paladins and held the title of Swordsman of Light. He dreamed of wielding the palace's greatest weapon, the Blaster Blade. He trained for years with the hopes of becoming the symbol of hope for the continent of United Sanctuary. Unfortunately, when he tried wielding the weapon, the sword deemed him not worthy, and the title and blade went to another Swordsman of Light, named Ahmes. This filled the young knight's heart with hatred and jealousy.

On the other side of the continent, a fallen, corrupted Holy Dragon named Phantom Blaster Dragon, was creating a resistance army against the Royal Paladins, named the Shadow Paladins. Naturally, Phantom Blaster, who was able to see into the hearts of humans thanks to his Holy powers, saw the hatred inside Junos, and convinced him that the Royal Paladins were not worthy of being the protectors of Planet Cray, and that they had grown arrogant and mad with power over the centuries. Junos agreed, and joined the Shadow Paladins, after being granted an unholy sword forged by Phantom Blaster, he was renamed Blaster Dark, and became one of the Shadow Paladins' strongest generals. Phantom Blaster had sought after Junos specifically with the goal of having him kill Blaster Blade, and the knight was happy to oblige.

Over the years, the influence of the Shadow Paladins slowly grew, by recruiting former members of the Royal Paladins who had been banished as well as fugitive criminals and dark witches and sorcerers, and by creating unholy weapons and sentient fortresses using forbidden science and magic. By this point they had as much influence over the continent as their light counterparts, and were now considered a fully fledged clan by the other nations. However, while tensions were high between the two paladin clans, they never directly declared war on each other.

This all changed when a mysterious entity attacked Planet Cray, each clan sent one representative to a meeting in the United Sanctuary to decide who would lead them, the Royal Paladins, being known as the protectors of the planet, were naturally favored to be the leaders, however Blaster Dark, who was chosen to represent the Shadow Paladins, objected, and firmly insisted that they should lead the war. Blaster Blade, representing the Royal Paladins, did not agree with this, as he had seen how merciless and cold the Shadow Paladins were to their own troops, and thought that being led by Phantom Blaster Dragon would bring them all destruction. The two paladin clans went to war with each other to decide who would be the leader in the upcoming invasion. This would later be known as the War of Shadows.

Unbeknowst to Blaster Dark, Phantom Blaster had no interest in defending the planet or in the honor of the Shadow Paladins, he simply wanted all living beings to suffer as much as possible, which is why he was very quick to join the war. If Blaster Dark had killed Blaster Blade, it is likely that he would have been slaughtered by Phantom Blaster, as he would have fufilled his one duty.

Fortunately, Dragonic Overlord, the leader of Kagero from the Dragon Empire, noticed Phantom Blaster's hidden agenda, and attempted to slay him in order to bring peace back to Cray. He postponed his battle with Blaster Blade, who he considers his greatest rival, and used his new evolved form, The End, to fight Phantom Blaster. Phantom Blaster was initially losing the fight, but he retreated and concentrated his dragonic powers to evolve just like Dragonic Overlord did, transforming himself into Phantom Blaster Overlord. With his new form, Phantom Blaster killed Dragonic Overlord, and proceeded to continue with the war against the Royals.

While this was happening, Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark were in the middle of a duel, with Blaster Blade trying to convince Blaster Dark that his master was evil, did not care about him or the Shadow Paladins, and was only after meaningless bloodshed. Blaster Dark initially did not listen, however after losing to Blaster Blade once again, he began to see the truth, and teamed up with him to defeat his own master. Both paladin clans united and went to war against Phantom Blaster. Both warriors fused together and formed the ultimate warrior, known as Majesty Lord Blaster, defeating Phantom Blaster once and for all. Both knights then returned to their original forms and settled their differences.

Asia Circuit and Link Joker

With Phantom Blaster gone, both paladin clans united to fight against the invader, however, Void, who was watching the war from space, noticed the huge power wielded by Majesty Lord Blaster, and that he would have no chance against it. He made a deal with a human on Earth, Leon Soryu, to allow him to use his power to kidnap Blaster Blade, Blaster Dark and Dragonic Overlord's slumbering corpse. With their leaders gone, Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin and Kagero disbanded, and the war seemed to be lost. However, all three clans were united by a warrior named Blond Ezel, their united clan was named Gold Paladin, they successfully defeated Aqua Force, rescued the lost clan leaders, and forced Void to retreat.

Now back to their former clans, Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark decided to cease all hostilities against each other. A number of Shadow Paladin units who had joined Gold Paladin decided to stay there, while others returned to Shadow Paladin. Blaster Dark was offered his old position in the Royal Paladins, but he declined, stating that he had to work in restoring the name of the Shadow Paladins. With this new objective, Blaster Dark became the new leader of the Shadow Paladins and formed a faction named the Revengers. Under Blaster Dark's leadership, the Shadow Paladins became the United Sanctuary's secret covert ops. Though Shadow Paladin would now serve a more noble purpose as the Sanctuary's protectors from the shadows, their cruel ruthless methods remained as they would often commit morally questionable acts in the name of protecting the United Sanctuary and were just as willing to kill each other and offer shelter to criminals as they were before. The Revengers would be a key unit in the Invasion War against Void's new creation, Link Joker.

Legion Mate

With the erasure of Aichi and Blaster Blade's existences, a new timeline without either of them was created. In this timeline, the War of Shadows never happened, and Phantom Blaster Dragon remained alive. Blaster Dark now stood as Phantom Blaster's right hand man, presumably because in this reality, he was never created to kill Blaster Blade, and thus Phantom Blaster never had a reason to dispose of Blaster Dark. They both obtained the title of "Abyss" and stood together side by side on the battlefield. Since the Royal Paladins did not have their greatest warrior, the only one standing between Phantom Blaster's conquest for world domination was Dragonic Overlord the Great, the leading commander of the Dragon Empire.

Later, a duel between Dragonic Overlord and a corrupted Blaster Blade caused the latter's existence to return, and after the defeat of the last of the Star-Vaders remaining on Planet Cray, the timeline returned to normal, causing Phantom Blaster to vanish, and Blaster Dark to return to his Revengers.

Powers and Abilities

Where there is light, there is darkness. And light can only be swallowed up by the darkness. Appear from the everlasting abyss, Dark Spirit!
~ Ren riding Blaster Dark.
  • Expert Swordsmanship: Blaster Dark has trained for years in the art of sword fighting, with his experience in the Royal army, Blaster Dark was considered one of the fiercest warriors in the battlefield.
  • Dark Powers: After being granted cursed powers and his dark sword by Phantom Blaster, Blaster Dark was able to shoot beams of dark lightining, instantly pulverizing his targets.


  • Blaster Dark's famous line "You'll regret this." became a meme in the Japanese Cardfight!! Vanguard community.
  • Blaster Dark's different titles and forms are always similar to Blaster Blade's.
    • After becoming leader of the Revengers, Dark wore a red cape. After becoming leader of the Liberators, Blade wore a white cape.
    • In a different era, Blade was the legion mate with Thing Saver Dragon, centuries later, Dark would become the legion mate of Revenger, Phantom Blaster Abyss, the corrupted form of Thing Saver.
    • In Vanguard G Dark was granted new age weaponry, and received the title of Diablo. Blade was also granted new weaponry, and received the title of Exceed.


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