Blayde is a thus far unique Dozeratops from Dinotrux, who serves as one of the major antagonists of the series beginning in Season 3.


She wasn't always evil,she was once Dozer's best friend,until a attack on D-structs.Which left her to follow the idea of "take or be taken." Blayde and Dozer were soon mocked Dozer, claiming he lacked the ability to think, and inadvertently inspired a plan in which the Trux created the illusion that they had disassembled the mounds. Blayde thus let George go only for him to expose the charade, but Blayde was forced to back off when faced with Dozer and his four companions. However, the bitterness later led her to join forces with D-Structs the T-Trux, Splitter the Sawmetrodon, and Pounder the Poundersaurolophus promising something to each of them in exchange for their help. To that end, they attacked the Garage and succeeded in capturing most of the Trux and Tools, though Ty and Revvit were absent.

Blayde and the others then set about sealing the mountain tunnels to prevent any chance of the group escaping. Blayde and D-Structs would later succeed after taking advantage of a mechanism used by the Trux to listen in on their conversations, only for them to escape and drive the swarm into D-Structs' lair where they attacked Blayde and the others again. Blayde and her allies later lured Ty and his teammates but Ty and then ambushing him in force at the bridge. 

Power and Abilities

Blayde is noticeably larger than other Dozeratops, and possesses a larger frill that forms a face guard as well as a blade, not unlike that seen on Plowasaurs. She also has an Excavator tail in place of the jackhammer possessed by most Dozeratops.



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