Blaze is an evil ranger created by Evox by corrupting/cloning the original candidate of the Red Beast Morphers Ranger powers of the same name. He is a supporting antagonist in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers and is the first of Evox's evil rangers, as well as the first of Evox's generals to appear in the show. He is also the archenemy of Devon Daniels, the Red Beast Morphers Ranger.

He was portrayed by Colby Strong, who also portrayed his human counterpart.


Blaze was originally chosen to be the Red Beast Morphers Ranger by Grid Battleforce. However, before he could receive his powers, his transformation is interrupted by Evox, a sentient computer virus who had infiltrated the lab's computer systems. He was able to corrupt some of the Morph X, a powerful element that was planned to be infused into the soon to be rangers' DNA and would allow them to morph. Using this corrupted Morph X, Evox creates a corrupted ranger avatar of Blaze, rendering his original body into a coma. Blaze goes on to do the same to Roxy, the candidate chosen to be the Yellow Beast Morpher Ranger. However, before the villains could corrupt the soon to be Blue Ranger, Ravi, the connection between the transformation machine and the corrupted Morph X is severed by Devon Daniels, who had previously sneaked into the Grid Battleforce labs and witnessed the Evox virus before being detained. He, Ravi and Zoey Reeves, a laundry worker at the lab, are able to respectively become the Red, Blue and Yellow Beast Morphers Rangers. The rangers fight off Blaze and Roxy until the evil rangers are sent to another dimension by the lab's lead scientist, Nate Silva. Blaze and Roxy's original bodies are placed into life support chambers, and Nate confirms that they will only wake up if their evil avatars are destroyed. He will be destroyed in the Cyber Dimension with his Megazord by Devon and his Zord in the season 1 finale.


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