We are not kindred spirits! I am the reaper that tends to sorrow, I do not create it.
~ Bleed Heart to Licorice

Bleed Heart is one of the main antagonists from the comic Sugar Bits. He is the Grim Reaper of the world where Sugar Bits takes place.


Bleed Heart's whole body is burnt and covered in blood. He has red glowing eyes and is bald. He wears a gray chest plate and plates on his arms. He also wears a black hat with a golden button, a gray belt, gray pants and black boots. Since his arms are badly burned (which was caused by Brave), he wears bandages on his arms.

His most remarkable feature is that his heart is exposed in his chest. His face seems like he has a mask with golden lines on the sides.


Bleed Heart is a strict and dark figure. Drawn to sorrow and misery, he will only appear when someone has died. Once called, he won't leave without taking a soul with him. Once payments (souls) have been made, he will leave. He also don't take trespassing well, a crime that has to be paid with a life. When he senses sorrow, he wants to harvest it as much as possible, but he isn't a sadist that create sorrow. He hates it when people try to hide their sorrow and demands that people mourn, so he can feed of their sorrow. He also doesn't tolerate disrespect nor does he desire assistance and the suggestion that anyone would be his equal, enrages him. He also holds a personal grudge against Braveun, after the latter burned his arms.


Powers and Abilities

As a Grim Reaper, Bleed Heart can decide over life and death. He will only appear when someone has died, and he won't leave without taking a soul with him.
Bleed Heart Soul Collection

Soul Collector

  • Soul Collection: As a Grim Reaper, he can collect souls from those that are about or had already died. Also, he is able to return people who already died in exchange for another life from someone who isn't supposed to die yet.
  • Control of Sorrow: Even though it hasn´t been shown yet, it was mentioned that he has control over sorrow.

He also is very strong and can kill anyone easily, although he isn't allowed to, but he is capable of it when he really wants it. He is so powerful that King brought an entire army of Brave Hearts with him to battle Bleed Heart.


Victims of Bleed Heart
  • Lady Hope (Soul Collected)
  • Brave's Sister (Soul Collected)
  • Mindsnare (Soul Collected)


Leave my domain at once, lest you see first hand a true torrent of turmoil unleashed.
~ Bleed Heart to the heroes
Sorrow is the work of fate. You do not seek sorrow. You seek madness. Take your madness and leave. Your desires will not be fulfilled today.
~ Bleed Heart to Licorice
I remember you. After the war... no, it was a slaugther. The time of great sorrow. Many deaths. Many of your brethren fell. Their families mourned. You lost your brothers. Those close to you. But you did not mourn for them. Are you ashamed to show tears? You think this makes you strong? Succumb to the pain. I demand it!
~ Bleed Heart to Brave
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