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The Blender Gremlin is a Gremlin that appeared in the first Gremlins film.


He is first seen when Gizmo gets wet and spawns five mogwai with the Blender Gremlin being one. It schemes with Stripe and the other mogwais. With the others mogwais, he takes part of mistreating Gizmo. They trick Billy into letting them eat after midnight, which would transform them into gremlins.

He hatches and he, along with the others, attack Gizmo. After they throw him down the laundry chute, the gremlins go downstairs and start eating.

The Blender Gremlin is the second gremlin to fully appear, and is eating a gingerbread cookie. He is also the first gremlin to die as when he eats out of a blender. Lynn sees him eating from behind. Afraid of him, she turns the blender on and the gremlin is chopped up, with bits of his blood and flesh flying everywhere (hence his name). He is also the only one to not attack humans after his transformation although this is because he has not encountered them and that he had no time to react when Lynn attacked him.


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