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The Blendtrons are a trio of immensely powerful Transformers created by Unicron. The seek to revive their creator by collecting all of the Angolmois capsules, which are actually Unicron's life force. They are the main antagonists of Beast Wars Neo.


The Blendtrons first appeared out of nowhere to attack the Maximals and Predacons and steal their Angolmois capsules. They then released the Angolmois into the deceased body of Galvatron, reviving the Chaos Bringer.

However, after his revival, Unicron absorbed the Blendtrons into himself to gain their Angolmois energy.

The Blendtrons died alongside Unicron after Big Convoy destroyed Unicron with the Matrix Cannon.


  • Unicron/Galvatron - Leader
  • Elephorca - Second-Leader
  • Rartorata
  • Drancon


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