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Blight's shadow form

Blight is the embodiment of all evil in the DC universe. While not the main antagonist, it is nevertheless a major threat in the Forever Evil series.


Blight's human form

While Blight's appearance has been a recent one, in truth it has been present since the dawn of humanity. The Blight is made up of billions of malicious thoughts all converging into one great mass. Blight's rise to power was facilitated by the Crime Syndicate's arrival into DC's prime universe. When the Crime Society incapacitated the Justice League and allowed all the super-villains free reign over the Earth, people became desperate and turned to crime. It was this sudden change in the status quo that allowed Blight to reach its full power. Blight possesses a human named Chris Esperanza, gaining a physical form with which to fight the few surviving superheroes who oppose it.


Blight can possess a human host, which allows it to control the seven sins, personified as seven demonic entities. In its shadow form it is invulnerable to physical harm and can breathe fire.


  • Blight is similar to the Smallville version of Darkseid. Both are depicted as black smoke that manifested from evil and both possess a human host (Blight possesses Chris, while Darkseid possesses Lionel Luthor.


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