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Blight (Okami)

Blight is a minor villain in the video game Okami.


Blight is a demonic spirit made of entirely out of swords. He is actually an incarnation of the sword he wields, that bears the name Goldnail. Blight emits a poisonous green mist out of his body.


Blight's Past

Blight was originally a sword known as Goldnail. It was known to have been used in over a thousand battles. Because of that, Goldnail got bathed in the blood of all that were slain by it and became sentient and evil.

Boss Battle

Blight fights with multiple sword techniques. He mostly uses lightning-fast attacks. When Amaterasu manages to slow down Blight, Goldnail gets separated from Blight and becomes vulnerable to attacks. Attacking Blight will not do much. Blight will also use other techniques such as teleportation, and performs strong attacks with all the swords in his body. After a long battle, Blight is defeated by Amaterasu and explodes.


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