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Blind Worms are a race of massive, worm-like Creatures of Grimm from the American animated webseries RWBY. They appear in the 2018 Chinese mobile game RWBY, and the 2019 novel RWBY: After the Fall.


Like other Grimm, the Blind Worms were created by the God of Darkness in an attempt to rid the world of life, and remained even after he and the God of Light abandoned Remnant.

In After the Fall, after Carmine Esclados kicks up a massive sandstorm to send at fleeing settlers, all of the negative emotion summons a massive Blind Worm, which makes its way to attack them as the survivors desperately try to escape on the shell of a massive flatback slider sand turtle. Coco and Velvet attempt to fight it off by firing at it, but do minimal damage. The damage they manage to do bleeds on top of them, raining acid blood that they are barely able to get away from. The worm retreats under the sand, but attacks again a moment later. Coco decides to sacrifice herself so Velvet can save the settlers, allowing the Worm to swallow her whole. Once inside, she tries shooting at it from within, but it does not do much. However, her partner Fox telepathically sends her instructions to run to the rear of the worm, where Velvet uses claw-like weapons to rip through the Blind Worm's hide and pull Coco out, eventually causing the worm to split in two. The surviving half flees, and the other half burrows away to regrow it's other half.

RWBY mobile game

In the Chinese mobile game RWBY, Blind Worms of various sizes appear as common enemies throughout the game.

Powers and Abilities

Despite their name, Blind Worms are not blind, but have a single large eye. They burrow into the ground and tunnel with speed and force. They use an assortment of hooks and plates on their exterior for attack, and their teeth rotate around the circular openings of their mouths. They can also spit acid and bleed acidic blood. While some grow to the size of humans, others can grow "as wide as a Nevermore and as long as six Goliaths", dwarfing humans. If they are cut in half, they will regrow their lost half and become two separate worms.



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