Bling Bling and Wheezer are the two main villains from the 2004 comedy movie The Cookout.

Bling Bling (Real name: Percival Assmackey) and Wheezer went to school with the main protagonist Todd Andersen and Todd's childhood friend and future wife, Becky. As children Bling Bling and Wheezer would always get themselves in trouble.

Bling Bling was portrayed by rap singer Ja Rule and Wheezer was played by Ruperto Vanderpool.


As adults, Bling Bling was jealous that Todd (Storm P.) had actually made it with his basketball contract after Todd did not recognized him and insulted him in front of the neighborhood.

Bling Bling decided to come up with a plan to become rich by getting as many sneakers as he can signed by the new basketball star and sell them on eBay.

On their way to Todd's house, the two men got themselves into a lot of hassle by getting their car wrecked, riding with a horse poo truck driver, and even stealing Todd's girlfriend Brittany's car and forced her to take them to Todd's house while holding her at gunpoint.

Once they arrived there, the men comedically threatened harm on the family if Todd does not signed the shoes. Becky (Eve) then recognized Bling Bling as their childhood schoolmate: Percival Assmackey and the whole family laughed at him.

As Bling Bling continued his assault, the security guard (Queen Latifah) broke in and held the two men in custody with the help of Todd's country cousins. The police arrived and arrested the two men and took them to jail.

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