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Your touch makes my pu--y as dry as sandpaper, you f-cking monkey. I can't wait to kill you.
~ The Butcher in Millie Kessler's body.
Well, don't stop. Keep coming. I've been in your body. I understand why you feel so weak. Why you feel so meager. And all that anxiety that you got. Clinging to your dead dad. You're really just a lesser version of her. And having to take all those orders from some drunk mom. But it's all right. It's okay. We'll fix it.
~ The Butcher to Millie, moments before his death.

Quentin Shermer (also known as the Blissfield Butcher) is the main antagonist of the 2020 black comedy horror film Freaky. At first everyone believed it's an urban legend or a ghost, till they know he is real, and the Blissfield Butcher poses a threat to those who mention his name or even see him.

He was portrayed by Vince Vaughn in his main physical body form (who also played Norman Bates in the 1998 remake of Psycho, Rick Barnes in Domestic Disturbance, Reese Feldman in the 2004 adaptation of Starsky & Hutch and Wes Mantooth in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) and by Kathryn Newton (who also played Ditto in the guise of Lucy Stevens in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu) in Millie Kessler's body.


This monster can be described as silent, dangerous and very threatening to the public. He kills anyone or anything that stands in his way without any remorse or guilt, enjoys killing as a hobby and doing illegal drugs.

After switching bodies with Millie Kessler he can be very scary and rude whenever he talks to someone without raising suspicion as he pretends to be Brett's crush. When they switch back to their own bodies he tries to kill the Kessler family one last time and mocking Millie's body as a weakness.

He also has very bad table manners such as eating breakfast when in Millie's body as a pig by scarfing it all down in one go, revealing he hasn't had a real meal in a while and poor personal hygiene as Millie says the Butcher's body smells and tastes like hot dog water.


The Butcher has been a wanted criminal for years ever since 1977, he has been stalking and killing lots of people, while wearing a mask to hide his face and hides out somewhere in the Old Mill in order to keep a low profile.

On Wednesday night 2/11/2020, he murders four teenagers in a home, by shoving a wine glass bottle down a boy's throat and smashes it through his neck, hitting repeatedly by using a toilet seat to bash the girl's head, breaks a tennis racquet in half by shoving it on the other boy's head and impaling a girl on a coat hanger who tried to escape just before stealing an ancient dagger known as La Dola.

On Thursday night 2/12/2020, he attempts to kill Millie Kessler by stabbing her with the dagger he stole the previous night who was waiting for a ride home from her family after the Blissfield Valley High School homecoming football game. As Millie tried to escape from the Butcher he manages to pin her down on the football oval, as he was trying to stab her, Millie manages to remove his mask and reveal his real face. After successing stabbing Millie on the left shoulder, they both got hurt, much to his confusion. Then after hearing gunshots from Millie's older sister Char, he manages to flee the scene and decides to retreat into his hideout somewhere in the Old Mill.

On Friday morning 2/13/2020, he wakes up in Millie Kessler's body and was unaware that the dagger was magical. After looking around in Millie's bedroom he didn't know that he was in the Kessler family's home, touched her breasts and now looks like her. While Millie in the Butcher's body has to run to the school and warn her friends about the bodyswap. As he walking around the house, he ate the breakfast that Millie's mother Coral cooked and scarfs it all down like a pig.

He tried to kill Char with a chef's knife who scared him off last night, but Coral manages to stop her, at first Coral wanted "her" to stay home and not to go to school due to the incident that happened. The Butcher decided to go to school with a cool looking outfit, which most of the male students get attracted to her, much to Nyla and Joshua's surprise. As they were walking to class, Ryler one of Millie's chief tormentor's tries to get all the information from the incident by gossiping it to the public, the Butcher posing as Millie attempts to kill her with a fire extinguisher, but decided not to, as Ryler believes that "Millie" is wasting her time. Millie in the Butcher's body sneaks into school to have a shower since his body smells like hot dog water and avoid the police due to his face being recognized to the public.

In the girls' restroom, Ryler sees the Butcher in the shower (but it was Millie in his body) and becomes scared. She tries to warn the Butcher (in Millie's body) that the "Butcher" is there, and he tells her that she needs to hide. He locks Ryler in a cryotherapy tank in the girl's locker room, which causes her to freeze to death. After Millie (in the Butcher's body) finishes her shower, she discovers that Ryler was frozen by the Butcher, then checks to see if she's alive. But after Millie touches Ryler, Ryler tips and breaks into pieces with her frozen cellphone still in her broken-off hand.

After the announcement from the Blissfield High School that the homecoming dance has been postponed, due to one of their students being attacked by the Blissfield Butcher and the police were on a manhunt for him. The Butcher attends the wood shop class by Millie's abusive teacher Mr. Bernardi, he sits next to Millie's crush Booker Strode who asks "Millie" a question about the event from last night, but ends up cutting his thumb on a tool he was carving on, he grabbed his thumb and kissed it making everyone gain their attention to "her", much to Bernardi displeasure and tells "her" to spend a little less time flirting and a little more time learning you might actually make something out of yourself. Realizing Bernardi is a threat to her and himself he decided to take care of it in private.

While Millie in the Butcher's body finds her best friends Nyla Chones and Joshua Detmer trying to explain what happened, as they were running away from her believing she's the Blissfield Butcher. Nyla kicks her in the groin and tried to fend themselves by tossing plates, using kitchen utensils and throwing trays of food to slow "him" down. Millie performs the school's mascot dance routine asking personal questions only the real Millie would know and their handshake. After regaining their friends trust, in the boys toilets they researched the dagger known as La Dola and asked a teacher who speaks Spainsh Señora Cayenes can translate what type of dagger this is. After some confusion from the Spanish teacher Ms. Cayenes explains to Joshua and Nyla that if the sacrifice is not successful that the two persons have swapped and the change becomes permanent after 24 hours. As Millie was waiting for Nyla and Joshua to come and pick her up she saw a lot of rude images in the boys toilets. After being knocked by a bully who barked at her yesterday, since she has the Butcher's body she decided to teach a bully a lesson about messing with Millie Kessler or any other student he'll making you're life a living hell. After being scared, he pees his pants and Millie decides to drop the bully as it was disgusting.

Nyla and Joshua explained to Millie that if she doesn't stab the Butcher by midnight she'll by trapped in the Butcher's body forever, Nyla wanted to know where the dagger is located and Millie's says "It's at the police station they have it in it's locker." and they were thinking of retrieving it immediately, but Millie says the Butcher is in the school somewhere, he is wearing her skin as a disguise and if they don't capture him first, Millie doesn't know how many people the Butcher is going to kill. As Mr. Bernardi was doing work on his desk and was surprised to "Ms. Kessler" back in his classroom. The Butcher in Millie's body pretends to do a project for him as proof, but in reality he was planning on killing him. At first Bernardi wasn't interested in her "games", as he lifts up the table saw and activates it, Mr. Bernandi tells "her" to turn off the machine. Then the Butcher attempts to stab the teacher with a tool, but Bernandi manages to get the upper hand and tosses him to the ground while giving him a nosebleed. After jumping on top of Bernandi he still loses to him by pushing him to a wall. Suddenly the Butcher grabs a screwdriver and stabs Bernandi on the side of the neck, which causes him to lose a lot of blood and the Butcher manages to kill Mr. Bernandi by bisecting him in half with the use of a tablesaw.

After leaving the classroom his innocent appearance grants him immunity from suspicion from the police and one of the cops calls the Butcher in Millie's body "Mam" as they were searching for the Blissfield Butcher. The Butcher says something rude to the police as he had a major dislike for the authorities. As Millie in the Butcher's body, Joshua and Nyla search for the Butcher who has Millie's body, Millie was surprised what the Butcher was wearing on her old body. He manages to scare the trio away by pretending to be a damsel in distress by alerting the police think that Millie is the Blissfield Butcher. After the trio evaded the police they hide out in a mall by hiding in one of the changerooms that Coral Kessler is working at. As Millie was waiting in the changeroom she looks in the mirror of the Butcher's hideous appearance, Coral and Millie in The Butcher's body have a heartwarming moment, while Coral believe it was a man who she barely knows and believes they could go out after hearing a connection, much to Millie's disgust. She makes a story up to make sure they can't go out by beliveing "he" is married. As Char and Coral discuss if she talked to Millie today but didn't, Char tells Coral to call "Millie" and make sure she is okay. After they left, Nyla and Joshua purchased a mask to disguise her face from being recognized, Millie was having difficulty breathing and walking with a mask on. Joshua manages to find the Butcher at a mini golf course with Booker and his football jock friends.

The jocks were disappointed they couldn't party since it was cancelled by the school, so Brett was thinking of throwing their own homecoming dance, but Phil wanted to know where they are going to pull it off. The Butcher in the Millie's body came up with a location which is the Old Mill and that no one or even the cops won't be able to find them. Brett and Phil were impressed with the idea, much to Booker's suspicion, and Brett makes a move by touching Millie (unaware it was the Butcher'), and tells him something inappropriate and can't wait to kill him. The Butcher steals a stanley knife and attempts to kill Millie's crush Booker Strode in a haunted house. Nyla checks the back of the building while Millie and Joshua head into the haunted house to stop the Butcher from killing Booker, Booker tries to search for "Millie" in order to check to see if "she" is okay, but unaware he tries to kill him with a stanley knife, but Millie manages to knock the Butcher out with a golf club, much to Joshua's surprise. Booker attempts to call the cops to arrest Millie in the Butcher's body, luckily she manages to prevent it by knocking him out to a wall, much to Millie's worry hoping she didn't give him a concussion.

At Joshua's house, Millie in the Butcher's body ties up the Butcher in Millie's body to a chair, Joshua wanted to know how Millie knows how to tie up knots and explains to him that her late father was a scout, Nyla gives Millie a pack of frozen peas to help with Booker's pain. As they were waiting for Booker to regain conscience, Millie says that Booker looks gorgeous when being knocked out cold, much to the Butcher's disgust. As Booker woke up he was shocked to see Millie in the Butcher's body sitting in front of him as he was terrified, she tells to Booker to stay calm and explain the bodyswap. The Butcher in Millie's body tries to tell Booker not to listen to "him" as they think "he" is crazy and a psycopath. Millie tells Booker about the incident that they switched souls and says she has less than six hours to switch back or she'll be stuck in his body forever.

The Butcher in Millie's body tells them that they're all going to jail and tries to convince Booker to untie him, but Joshua and Millie tell him to stay out of it, much to the Butcher's disappointment. At first, Booker doesn't believe them, but Millie reveals about a poem to him she wrote a few weeks ago, finds it beautiful and believes them. As the Butcher in Millie's body decided to drop the act by laughing and saying something rude about the poem, which causes Nyla to stuff a handkerchief in his mouth. The teenagers plan on stealing La Dola from the police station and bring it back, Joshua watches over the Butcher while Millie, Nyla, and Booker drive to the police station to obtain La Dola. Nyla tricks Charlene, the last officer in the station, into leaving so she can steal the dagger. Waiting outside in the car, Booker reveals that he has always liked Millie, and Millie divulges how she enjoys the newfound strength and confidence she feels while in the Butcher's body, and they kiss.

As Joshua was eating chips and watching TV, while watching the Butcher tied up to a chair in Millie's body and says to him "That nasty stare does not scare me.", as he headed to the kitchen to get another drink, the Butcher tries to get out, suddenly Joshua's mum arrives home from her flight. The Butcher in Millie's body convinces her to untie "her", Joshua tries to explain to his mother that they were roleplaying, but his mother doesn't believe him and attempts to untie the Butcher, suddenly the Butcher steps on her foot and escapes while attempting to kill Joshua's mum and her son, but they manage to lock themselves in a room.

After failing to kill Joshua and his mum, the Butcher escapes, heads over to the police station and attempts to steal La Dola from Char and Nyla. Millie in the Butcher's body shows up and Char tries to shoot "him", the Butcher manages to steal La Dola from Nyla and uses a knife to slit Nyla's hand. As Joshua heads to the police station as he tries to call Nyla, as the Butcher heads to the party up at the Old Mill, he almost ran over Joshua. Millie tries to explain to Char that she and the Butcher have traded bodies, but Char doesn't believe her and tells "The Butcher" to start walking towards the cell. Suddenly Booker manages to distract Char and Millie locks her up in the cell and apologizes to her. As the teenagers lost La Dola to the Butcher they head to the homecoming party at the Old Mill.

While the students were partying Brett and the jocks were having a little fun, Brett takes the Butcher in the Millie's body somewhere private. As the teenagers arrived at the Old Mill, they begin searching for the Butcher. But Millie tells her friends to stay safe and it's too dangerous to put them at risk, but Booker, Nyla and Joshua want to aid Millie get her body back and stop the Butcher. Booker looks at his watch and they have 15 minutes left till midnight, so he gives Millie a watch to keep an eye on the time by setting it five minutes ahead.

Brett takes the Butcher to a private place for a little party and two of his friends Tobin and Squi show up with a bottle of alcohol, but the Butcher is not interested in drinking and tips it out. Then he uses the bottle as weapon to whack Tobin's head, then slits the Squi's throat with the broken bottle and kills Brett by massacring his privates with a chainsaw and decapitated Tobin's head (offscreen). As they searched in pairs of two, Millie tells them to text if you see him, don't go one on one with him and tells them to be careful.

Joshua asked a jock named Phil if he's seen "Millie Kessler" to which he saw already "her". As Booker and Millie were searching for the Butcher, they were shocked to find out that Brett, Tobin and Squi were killed. Booker tells Nyla that the Butcher killed Brett, Tobin and Squi and Millie is trying to find Joshua, till the police showed up at the Mill. As Joshua tries to find Millie, Phil revealed he is gay and kisses him and lies to him about where Millie is. Suddenly the Butcher hiding behind a paper wall armed with a hook stabs Phil in the right eye which causes his death, much to Joshua horror. Millie finds Joshua and tells him to go and get help, The Butcher and Millie come face to face with each other. As Joshua reunites with Booker and Nyla, that he found her and the Butcher is going to kill Millie, Booker tells them to go and help Millie while Booker slows the police down long enough till they switch back. One of the cops fires his gun in the air and shuts down the party, which causes the students to flee.

Millie tries to get her body back by disarming the Butcher's hook, she tries to tell the Butcher to stop because she is trying to stab her old body with La Dola in her hand. The cop tells "the Butcher" to drop the knife and "Millie" tells him to shoot "him". As the Butcher tried to escape with her old body and La Dola in his hand, Millie, Nyla and Joshua manage to catch up and pin the Butcher down to the ground and passes La Dola to Millie to stab him to get her old body back. As she gets ready to stab the Butcher the alarm went off on her watch and it was midnight. Millie and her friends were shocked that they were too late, while the Butcher laughs and believes they are stuck as each other forever, much to their sadness.

Then Joshua realized the bell didn't toll and Millie remembered something a tip Booker gave to her yesterday was to set your watch five minutes ahead, Millie says to hold him down so she can stab him and switch back to their normal bodies. Nyla and Joshua both check to make sure it's Millie by asking her a question about a favourite athlete, but Millie remembers that she doesn't and hates sports. Much to their relief they are back to normal, the police arrive and Joshua tells them to shoot him, which causes the Butcher to be shot and fall to the ground.

As the ambulance and the police arrive at the Old Mill they manage to hand over La Dola back to the police and Millie makes sure that nobody will get their hands on it again. Millie and Booker talk about becoming a couple, and they kiss again while reuniting with her older sister Char and mother Coral. As the Butcher faked his death in an ambulance, the Butcher escapes, follows Millie home and attacks her, mocking her physical weakness and anxiety. The daughters and their mother tried to take the Butcher down, but was deemed too strong. But Millie remembers something she learned when she was in the Butcher's body by kicking him the groin and Millie manages to kill him by stabbing him through the chest with a broken table leg, much to Coral and Char's fright and ending the Butcher's reign of terror once and for all.



  • His real name was never revealed in the film or in the credits, although according to Happy Death Day Wiki, his real name is Quentin Shermer.
  • The Butcher has no backstory on why he became a serial killer in the first place.
  • It said that the Butcher was killing since the 1970s and still continued until his death in 2020. Ironically, his actor Vince Vaugh was born in the year 1970 which would also be thought of as a goof since Vaugh would’ve still been a child in the 70s before becoming a middle aged man in 2020s.

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