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She said we should call that one Blitz.
~ Curious Light referring to Blitz

Blitz is a supporting antagonist in the Roblox horror-game Doors, specifically appearing as a rusher entity similar to both Rush and Ambush. Blitz, however, shares a few traits from both.


Blitz appears extremely similarly to Rush, being a distorted face with blank, pitch black eyes, and a gaping, eerie smile, similar to most of the other rusher entities found in the game. However, Blitz has a second form used for when it rebounds, which makes it pink and more distorted. It's mouth and eyes also open slightly more in this form.


Blitz is very similar to Rush and Ambush, being that randomly, when entering a room, the lights will flicker and players will hear screaming in the distance. However, this sound is slightly higher pitched, as all of Blitz's sounds are just Rush's sounds but higher pitched. Blitz will then rush through all of the rooms, killing any player it sees. The twist is that Blitz has a chance to rebound before exiting a room that has players in it. This is when it becomes pink, and it's sounds become even higher in pitch. It will backtrack and stay in front of a hiding spot for a few seconds, before continuing to the next room. This can happen multiple times, but usually no more than twice.


  • Similar to Rush, Ambush, A-60, and A-120, Blitz's hitbox also operates off of raycasting. This allows you to avoid his hitbox by hiding behind an object or a wall in a sub-room.
    • Strangely, this does not grant the player the "In Plain Sight" achievement.
  • Blitz was originally called Grush, a portmanteau of the words rush and green.
  • The decal name for Blitz's normal and rebounding forms are "rushs brother LORE LORE LORE" and "rushs sister LORE LORE LORE" respectively.
  • Blitz is the one of, if not the only entity of the Backdoors to be named by someone besides Curious Light.
  • Blitz's attack can be survived by using a Vial or Bottle of Starlight, as Blitz deals 100 damage compared to the instant-killing damage that entities such as Haste or Vacuum deal.
  • Hide is not present in the Backdoors, so using closets sparingly when hiding from Blitz is not a problem.


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