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Villain Overview

You know folks, with this company I really wanted to prove that we're capable of doing the same things anyone else can, like killing people. So from us here at the Immediate Murder Professionals group, we promise to settle your unfinished business or your money... is gone and you're never getting it back, and you can write us a bad review, but we'll play dumb to it because it's Hell and no-one f-cking cares.
~ Blitzo
Blitzo: I'm sorry, but that was a flawless presentation of what we should do, Mox. It's not my fault you got a smooth little brain upstairs.
Moxxie: A
what, now?.
Blitzo: I'm calling you
slow, Moxxie. God, why don't you learn to take criticism? You talentless, baby-dicked troll.
~ Blitzo hypocritically belittling Moxxie.

Blitzo (pronounced Blitz, according to him) is the titular main protagonist of Helluva Boss, a spinoff series set in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel.

He is voiced by Brandon Rogers in the original English version of the show and Sébastien Mineo in the French dub.


Before the beginning of the series, Blitzo started off working as a clown at Loo Loo Land, where he was not only considered unpopular, but he was heavily outshined by the park's Robo Fizz. Growing to hate the job, he quit to become an assassin instead. Blitzo would then date Verosika Mayday and act as her bodyguard, however, they later broke up after he left Verosika to pay for their hotel room, joy-rided her car three-times, and cashing out her credit card for horseback riding lessons. Blitzo also adopted Loona when she was almost 18 and before his business started. Likely some time before these events, Blitzo also dropped out of college.

Blitzo formed the I.M.P (Immediate Murder Professionals) after managing to obtain access to Earth via Stolas' book, though in the process, he had to sleep with the Overlord and has since regretted this incident as Stolas continually harasses him as a result.

Blitzo sees himself as a father figure more than a true boss, but also uses this position to justify not actually taking things as serious as he should and thus he is generally a bad leader, more prone to discussing if his outfit looks good than actually getting productive work done.

Blitzo has an unhealthy obsession with Moxxie and Millie, to the point he literally stalks the pair day and night. Millie is somewhat encouraging this behavior, but Moxxie continually calls Blitzo out for this, which just makes Blitzo more determined to torment Moxxie in turn.

After being rescued from Martha, Blitzo menacingly threatened to have sex with both Moxxie and his wife (likely not consensually) if Moxxie causes severe trouble on one of their missions again.

Blitzo is protective of Loona despite the fact Loona is almost as bad at her job as he is, claiming she's part of a family and for all intents and purposes she is his adoptive daughter.

Truth Seekers

Blitzo and Moxxie were captured by two agents of an organization known as the D.H.O.R.K.S., which have been monitoring the activities of I.M.P. for a while, such as killing a giant monster, fighting with three angels and disturbing the peace. As they both woke up in the interrogation chamber and mock the agents, Millie and Loona storms into the D.H.O.R.K.S. building and killing the personnel inside, the agents leave Blitzo and Moxxie in the room after their obnoxious behavior, and release the truth gas in order to discover more information about demons and Hell.

Upon inhaling the gas, the two start experiencing individual hallucinations, Moxxie experiences one with involving Blitzo tormenting him for his constant worrying, while Blitzo faces his toxic and selfish personality. The two eventually woke up and saved by Millie and Loona, the group fights the agents with the captors remain alive. The two agents managed to lock down the facility, but an demonic and grotesque Stolas saved I.M.P. from them. Although the group returned to safety, the agents have gathered enough information and prepared to send it to their superiors.


While aspirational, Blitzo proves to be rather inexperienced in running a business and is driven mostly by his huge ego and pursuit of profit. His attitude can often change very quickly, either being very jovial, optimistic and friendly with his employees. On the flip side, Blitzo can also be very rude, vulgar and grumpy when things not go his way or if someone displeases him.

Blitzo has a strange system of questionable ethics, that can usually be tossed away on a whim. This was seen in the pilot when he and the others went to great lengths to save a child they accidentally sniped, only for Blitzo to actually be happy when it was revealed the child was their target all along (mostly because said child went on a vulgar rampage, calling Blitzo a "selfish, greedy clown"). While on the job, Blitzo has no qualm in killing seemingly innocent people who are targets, as long as he and his company get paid in the end.

On top of this, Blitzo also proves to be rather perverted and sexually immoral, as he created dolls of Moxxie and Millie and imagined having a threesome with them. He was also willing to have an affair with Stolas, a married man, in order to gain his grimoire book to access the living world (a decision that would end up backfiring on him). He even went as far as to threaten to rape Moxxie and Millie if the former ever screwed up on a job again, while whether he was serious or not about this statement is debatable, but he certainly did appear so.

It appears that Blitzo can easily be won over with money, as he immediately agreed for him and Moxxie and Millie to serve as bodyguards for Stolas and his daughter Octavia after the former said he'd pay him, despite Blitzo's initial refusal.

Despite his bad qualities, Blitzo does prove to be genuinely caring towards Moxxie and Millie (albeit his habit of stalking them makes it appear less so), as he was enraged at Verosika Mayday when she and her employees sexually assaulted Moxxie. He again shows this side of him when Striker almost killed Moxxie by attempting to make Blitzo force shoot him. In addition, while she herself is cold, distant, and overall mean towards him, Blitzo truly loves his adopted daughter Loona, to the point of being quite overprotective. And the one time she almost called him dad, Blitzo was overjoyed by pure delight.

In The Harvest Moon Festival, it is revealed that Blitzo is secretly insecure about himself being an imp, as no one gives him that much respect and he has to work very hard to get what he wants. While he himself (supposedly) hasn't told anybody this, Striker was able to figure it out and he frowns as he confronts him over this. Additionally, in Truth Seekers, Blitzo's hallucination reveals that he is afraid of ending up alone and that he desperately tries to prove this not to be the case by pushing others away, showing a deep internal conflict over his own personal faults, past failures as well as a fear of abandonment.


Dammit Moxxie I just bought those eels!
~ Blitzo after Moxxie lights his office on fire.
Bye! And don't worry we'll get that skank in less than 24 hours or your first kill is free!
~ Blitzo as Mrs. Mayberry leaves.
(Moxxie: When did we start implementing that deal?) When you set fire to my office in front of a CLIENT YOU F-CKING DIPSH-T! NOW SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THAT FANCY BOOK IS STILL INTACT!
~ Blitzo, enraged at Moxxie for setting the office on fire.
(Moxxie: Wait- Are we actually killing a family??) No, don't be a p*ss we're just killing a mother, we're ruining a family!
~ Blitzo as he prepares to shoot Martha.
Apology accepted! But if you ever pull a stunt like this again then I will f-ck you and your wife alrighty job well done! Now lets get off!
~ Blitzo threatens Moxxie.
(Robo Fizz: Oooooh! Someone's salty! Real or not though, people love me. Does anybody love you? Blitzo?) No, but I'm really good with guns now! Dance, b*tch!
~ Blitzo before fighting Robo Fizz.
~ Blitzo as he bites Striker's arm after the latter almost made him shoot Moxxie.
(Moxxie: Admit it, my dear boss. You don’t know what you are doing half the time, and you depend on me and the missus to manage your foolish flights of fantasy.)
I don’t need you! I can do this sh!t on my own so easily!
(Striker: But you don’t wanna do things alone, Blitzo!)
(Fizzarolli: You tried the solo act, it didn’t work out so well! Huhuha!)
(Verosika: Yet you still shove away everyone who gets too close until they resent you for being a selfish sh!tty, sh!t hog!)
(Stolas: Are you afraid to love people, Blitzy?)
~ Blitzo being taunted in his hallucination.
(Moxxie: I believe that your subconscious is trying to tell you that you simply cannot fathom proper intimacy, but, also crave it as well. It’s rather unfortunate sir, considering it’s often how you treat those who stand by you, such as myself. Are you worried I might have enough of it one day as well?)
~ Blitzo trying to deny his loneliness.


  • While it is made clear by Blitzo that the "o" in his name is silent (often saying so while introducing himself to clients), it is revealed that this wasn't always the case, as quite a few characters such as Robo Fizz, Verosika Mayday and Wally Wackford have pronounced his name with the "o" at the end (something the imp doesn't like). It is currently unknown why he altered his name.
  • Blitzo, unlike most of the Hazbin Hotel cast, was born a resident of Hell and is thus a true demon.
  • As an imp, Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie are considered the lowest of Hell's residents, which may explain his desire for fame and power.
  • He's a stark contrast to Charlie Magne, the main character of Hazbin Hotel, in terms of character. While Charlie is a well-known figure of royalty who seeks to redeem the denizens of Hell, Blitzo capitalizes on their misbehavior by helping them kill people who have wronged them in life.
  • The reason why Blitzo is soft on Loona because she's his adoptive daughter, and supports her in every way, even though she doesn't show it and thinks its embarrassing that Blitzo is doing fatherly stuff towards her, she still shares a strong relationship with Blitzo. The one time she almost called him 'dad', Blitzo was overjoyed by excitement.
  • Blitzo's favorite animal is the horse and he is shown to love them, almost to an obsessive level.
    • He has many toy horses and drawings of them.
    • He maxed out Verosika Mayday's credit card on horseback riding lessons, which is one of the things that caused the two to break up.
    • In "C.H.E.R.U.B" it is revealed that he had already spent Loopty's payment on a small, jewel-encrusted horse figurete labelled "Mare-ajuna".
    • In "The Harvest Moon Festival" he is enamoured by Striker's horse Bombproof and is shown admiring the steed while it feasts on a dead hog.
  • Blitzo's Instagram account is @blitzorodeo.
  • Blitzo is stated to be pansexual on his Instagram. However, since the Helluva Boss Instagram accounts have been stated to be non-canon, the validity of this remains unclear.
  • Blitzo is very bad at spelling, as shown in the I.M.P billboard in "Murder Family" and most of his Instagram posts.
  • Blitzo breaks the fourth wall in "Spring Broken", where he explains to Loona on how many "freaks" like her, he also breaks it again where he and his IMP crew all collectively look straight at the camera with disapproval.
  • Blitzo made a cameo in Eddsworld episode "The Beaster Bunny" as the "Imp" option at the face paint booth. Coincidentally, the painter was voiced by Vivziepop herself.
    • Eddie, the kid in the pilot episode, even made a cameo in there.
  • In his Instagram posts, it is revealed that Bliizo owns a Furby.
  • In Truth Seekers, he takes a picture with a decapitated head of one of the D.H.O.R.K.S Members. Funnily enough, this very same picture was uploaded to his Instagram account.

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