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Villain Overview
Hi there, I'm Blitzo! And the O is silent! And I am the founder of I.M.P.! Are you a piece of shit that got sent to hell? Or are you an innocent soul who got F-CKED over by someone else? Well lucky for you, thanks to our company's special access to the living world, we can help you take care of your unfinished business, by taking out anyone who screwed you over when you were alive!
~ Blitzo talking about his business for the I.M.P
You know folks, with this company I really wanted to prove that we're capable of doing the same things anyone else can! Like killing people! So from us here at the immediate murder professionals group, we promise to settle your unfinished business or your money is gone and you're never getting it back. And you can write us a bad review, but we'll play dumb to it because it's hell and no one f-cking cares.
~ Blitzo
You know? Even though this kid was a target. He's still a child. It's important that we handle this forward respectfully.
~ Blitzo

Blitzo is one of the main villain protagonists of Helluva Boss, a spinoff series set in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel.

He is voiced by Brandon Rogers.


Blitzo formed the I.M.P (Immediate Murder Professionals) after managing to obtain access to Earth via Stolas' book, though in the process he had to sleep with the Overlord and has since regretted this incident as Stolas continually harasses him as a result.

Bitzo sees himself as a father figure more than a true boss but also uses this position to justify not actually taking things as serious as he should and thus he is generally an extremely terrible leader, more prone to discussing if his outfit looks good than actually getting productive work done.

Blitzo has an unhealthy obsession with Moxxie and Millie, to the point he literally stalks the pair day and night. Millie somewhat encourages this behavior but Moxxie continually calls Blitzo out for this, which just makes Blitzo more determined to torment Moxxie in turn.

He is protective of Loona despite the fact Loona is almost as bad at her job as he is, claiming she's part of a family and for all intents and purposes she is his adoptive daughter.

Blitzo has a strange system of questionable ethics (that can be tossed away on a whim), as was seen in the pilot when he and the others went to great lengths to save a child they accidentally sniped, only for Blitzo to actually be happy when it was revealed the child was their target all along (mostly because said child went on a vulgar rampage, calling Blitzo a "selfish, greedy clown").




  • Blitzo's name is pronounced "Blitz" (the "o" is silent).
  • Blitzo, unlike most of the Hazbin Hotel cast, is likely born a resident of Hell and thus a true demon.
  • As an imp Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie are considered the lowest of Hell's residents, which may explain his desire for fame and power.
  • He's a stark contrast to Charlie Magne, the main character of Hazbin Hotel, in terms of character. While Charlie is a well-known figure of royalty who seeks to redeem the denizens of Hell, Blitzo capitalizes on their misbehavior by helping them kill people who have wronged them in life.
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