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Where is Optimus Prime?!!
~ Blitzwing fighting Bumblebee.

He is a minor antagonist of the 2018 sci-fi movie Bumblebee. He is a Triple Changer and a Decepticon seeker who transforms into a red/white McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II.


Blitzwing was among the Decepticons who followed scout B-127 to Earth to learn Optimus Prime’s location, and took the form of an Air Force jet. He appeared overhead Agent Jack Burns’ squadron after they had surrounded his target in a clearing, prompting the Sector Seven agent to wonder how the Air Force had already been notified of their situation. He didn't wait long to drop his ruse, however, swooping down from above and bombarding human and Autobot alike with missiles. Blitzwing then transformed to attack his target directly and mostly had the upper hand thanks to his flight capabilities, but took damage to his flight systems when the Autobot fought back.

This wasn't enough to down him, however, and the Seeker subdued the scout and dangled him over a cliff as he interrogated him about Optimus Prime's whereabouts. When the scout refused to answer and defiantly asserted that he would "never speak", an enraged Blitzwing tore his voice synthesizer out and threw him off the cliff. The Decepticon then prepared to execute the "traitor", but was taken by surprise when the Autobot tore a missile from his arm and jammed it in his chest. Blitzwing only had a moment to comprehend this and try to pull the explosive out before B-127 kicked himself away from him and fired upon the missile, detonating it and blowing him to pieces.

Despite Blitzwing's death, his actions caused many problems for Bumblebee: in addition to depriving Bumblebee his ability to speak, he also damaged Bumblebee's memory circuit, rendering the Autobot unable to remember what his mission was until the intervention of Shatter and Dropkick.


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