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Blizzaurus is the sixth boss and a major antagonist in the DS Mario game Super Princess Peach. She is a fairy that has the ability to transform into an ice dragon. At Gleam Glacier, Bowser assigned her to guard one of the captive Toads.


While little is known about her personality, based off the look on her face (a smile) when she enters phase 2, Blizzaurus seems to like having fun.


When you arrive to Blizzaurus' lair, the Perry Block tells you that Blizzaurus' weakness is fire.

After she enters the Gleam Glacier Palace, Princess Peach finds the kidnapped toad, but Blizzaurus surprises and freezes her and rams into Peach and the Toad, thus challenging the princess to battle.

Blizzaurus has two phases, a dragon form that takes three hits, and a fairy form that takes two hits. Her dragon form has three attacks: she can shoot an ice beam that freezes Peach if she doesn't duck, a charge attack that damages Peach if she doesn't get out of the way or damage Blizzaurus, and she can hop a few times which causes stalagmites to emerge from the ground. She has a shield of ice surrounding her that breaks after three burning hits from Peach's fury emotion, and breaking it causes her to both take a hit and regain the shield back inmediately after her invincibility frames. Jumping on the shield won't hurt Peach; she just bounces off of it. Peach can also collect jewels from destroying the stalagmites with her parasol in case she runs out of "emotion power".

Her fairy form has only two attacks, she can shoot three electric balls that circle around her while shooting outwards, and she can scream, which causes stalactites to fall from the ceiling and pierce into the ground. Her weakness is the same as her weakness from her dragon form, burn her ice shield three times to damage her, though this can be more difficult this phase since Blizzaurus is flying pretty far above Peach, and you'd probably have to jump a few times to get within enough range to burn through her ice shield.

Similar to the dragon phase, destroying the stalactites will have jewels pop out for you to regain "emotion power" from. After her defeat, Blizzaurus is destroyed in a snow explosion, giving away the kidnapped Toad and the way to Giddy Sky.



  • Blizzaurus is the second fully original boss from Super Princess Peach, the first being Hoo, the third being Giant Kamek, and the fourth being Army Hammer Bro.
  • Blizzaurus' name comes from "Blizzard" (because she uses ice powers) and "saurus" (Latin for "lizard", because of her dragon form).
  • All bosses from Super Princess Peach have different emotions during each of their second phases, the different types of emotions being Joy (Which makes the battle more aerial-based and have projectiles spin in a circle around the boss), Rage (Which makes the bosses move or move faster), Gloom (Which can remove certain objects from the battle), and Calm (Which summons a giant bubble that heals the boss if it doesn't get destroyed). Blizzaurus' emotion is Joy, since she becomes happy and airborn during her second phase, shoots projectiles that spin in a circle, and shares very similar sprites to Peach's Joy animations.
  • Blizzaurus is the only officially female boss from Super Princess Peach.
    • Blizzaurus is also the only boss in Super Princess Peach who shapeshifts.
  • Blizzaurus' shield can also be destroyed if Peach hops on it repeatedly while using Rage, though this takes much more time.


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