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~ The Blob King

The Blob King is a one-time villain from the 2016 reboot of the Cartoon Network animated series, The Powerpuff Girls, solely appearing in the episode "Phantasm Chasm". He is a blob of orange slime, who rules over the imaginary kingdom of Neswalt from the board game, Phantasm Chasm.

He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


In "Phantasm Chasm", The Powerpuff Girls and Jared Shapiro accidentally entered an interdimensional portal that came out of nowhere and led them into the game Phantasm Chasm, where they lived through everything in the game for real.

After Blossom and Bubbles got kidnapped by Koala Bats, Buttercup and Jared went to Castle Neswalt to save them. There, they found Blossom and Bubbles, who were eating a bunch of food until they got fat and enjoying their time there.

The Blob King came out and he turned out to simply be a tiny blob of orange slime, who could only say the word "Merp." Buttercup and Jared thought he was completely harmless until he whipped his frog-like tongue out and snatched one of his Koala Bats and ate him, causing him to grow to epic proportions, revealing him to be a gigantic monstrous beast, who posed an actual threat against Jared and the girls.

Buttercup and Jared rolled Blossom and Bubbles away, now knowing that he was trying to fatten them up so he could eat them. Buttercup snatched The Blob King's tongue and tried to tie him up but got distracted by Jared falling on his face, which caused The Blob Monster to swing Buttercup around with his tongue and smash her against the walls.

Jared reminded Buttercup about the Phantasm Crystal, while he sacrificed himself to distract The Blob King. Buttercup snatched the Phantasm Crystal and fired it into the mouth of The Blob King, using her bow and arrow, causing him to blow up and die, ending the game for everyone.