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Introducing tongs!
~ BlockHead speaking of his favorite thing.

The BlockHead is the titular main anti-villainous protagonist of the legendary Newgrounds-series named the same. He is also the anti-heroic protagonist of Blockhead: The Game.

BlockHead has a speaking entity in his head which acts as his long-suffering and long-ignored conscience. This conscience - for reasons unknown - takes the appearance of an overweight, middle-aged man with gray hair.

He was illustrated by Michael Swain, who was inspired by the British animator David Firth.



BlockHead's first appearances starts from the episode Anomic. BlockHead is seen sitting in school. The teacher kept asking who knows the answer, and BlockHead would always raise hand and say Tongs, to the point the teacher sent him to the principal and got asked why is he here again? And he responded Tongs! The principal then looks at a paper on which BlockHead was sent to the office all the reasoning being.

The second episode shown BlockHead going into a valentines store, going crazy because he couldn't find his Fizzle-clock. He then saw the same one in the store, taking it from the store.


BlockHead appears to be a humanoid-living on Earth. He appears to be always wearing brown shoes, blue jeans and a red-shirt. While BlockHead's head appears to be a totally round, while his skin is totally yellow-colored. BlockHead highly resembles the generic yellow smiley-face. His appearance is very unique compared to everyone else in the animations, who look like normal people, unlike BlockHead himself.


BlockHead always appears to be happy with a big-smile. While he also appears to be very stupid, due to his hereditary retardation. Asking BlockHead questions he would simply answer with a totally non-connected answer to the topic. He also appears to be very unbearable, meaning anything that he does he just doesn't feel any remorse for his actions. Whenever his conscience speaks to him, BlockHead rarely listens to it, either by just ignoring him or being simply too dim-witted to understand it anyway. Only on very rare occasions does his conscience manage to convince him of something.

List Of Villainous Acts

  • Stealing Cars
  • Breaking into Houses
  • Attacking Homeless People
  • Breaking Windows
  • Harassing People
  • Almost Killed a old women by his stupidity


  • It is revealed in the tenth episode that BlockHead takes (or at least possesses) medication of some kind. This is proven when his conscious says "Should have brought your medication."


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