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Blocky is one of the kids/teens or one of the 20 contestants on Battle For Dream Island, He is a prankster who loves bullying kids and objects, and has no devote for others.

He even stars in his own show called Blocky’s Funny Doings Interaction, regrading his mischievous behavior

Due to his sadistic personality, Blocky is launched away along with most other objects throughout the second season, however, they were shown very occasionally

He is vocied by Michael Huang, who also vocied Four


He is a red block


In Battle for Dream Island, Blocky is shown to be a reckless prankster, bully, sadist, and a murderer. He constantly picks on and kills various people whenever given the chance, like kicking Woody, throwing Ice Cube off a ledge, and extinguishing Firey repeatedly. These attacks are often seen as pranks on his end, but they usually are at the expense of other people's well-being. Blocky hardly shows remorse for his actions, and is rarely social to people outside of his friend group.

However, he was a sensitive individual sometimes.

In Battle for BFDI, Blocky's personality changes. He's a lot less violent towards others, killing people less often. He can still be pushed, like when Golf Ball tries to manage him, causing Blocky to break her in half. He's also more social and empathetic, standing up for Grassy when Golf Ball mistreated him, or worrying when Four was gonna come back. Blocky still wishes he could return to pranks, but he acknowledges the improbability of the prospect and shows restraint.




  • Like most characters in BFDIA who are eliminated, he hardy speaks
  • His persontaily is very similar to Bart Simpson from The Simpsons, as both are mischievous pranksters, they both love playing pranks, both are rebellious, both get disrespected by others (Homer Simpson and The Announcer) and both often get into trouble, but unlike the troublemaking and careless Bart, Blocky redeemed himself in BFB
  • He also shares one similar trait to Dash Parr from the incredibles due to the fact they are both mischievous
  • He sometimes appears with the BFDI logo on his side


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